8th January 2020 - 2 Min Read Time

How To Identify and Target 4 Types of B2B Online Customers

Here’s the crucial fact: B2B personalisation works on people. Despite the name, B2Bs are run by people, for people.

And like every other person, businesses buying from other businesses respond well when websites are dynamic, personalised, and streamlined for their use.

The focus needs to be on simplifying the path from discovery to purchase, with an emphasis on customising each customer experience.  So lets take a look at the basic B2B customer groups.

1. The First Time Visitor

What do they look like?

This is someone that’s never been to your site before and they’re looking for a new supplier. They’ve come to your site – how can you convince them to stay and spend with you?

The first thing you need to do is determine where they came from. Did they come to you from an advertisement? Were they referred by someone else? Was it a Google search term?

You even can go more literal: where is their geographic location? All this information can be used to interest them in your shop.

What will work for them?

Your visitor’s source can tell you a lot about their intentions. By offering the appropriate source-driven incentives, you can ensure that your offering is relevant, and hence more likely to result in a purchase.

2. The Researcher

What do they look like?

These people have been here before… maybe even a couple of times, but they haven’t bought anything! It’s likely they’re looking at big-ticket items, which require a fair amount of research before committing to a purchase.

The Researcher is a great segment to focus on. The fact that they’ve visited your site a couple of times shows that they’re definitely interested in making a purchase with you, they’re just waiting for the right incentive to tip them over the edge.

What will work for them?

Try to anticipate their needs. What’s stopping them from clicking “add to cart”? It could be lack of information – try offering them a guide, or a link to speak with your service staff with any questions.

Maybe they’re put off by the price. Consider offering them a special promotional message, or maybe a gift or discount thrown in on cart values over a certain amount.

3. Infrequent Spender

What do they look like?

Hands up if you know this buyer – someone who buys something with you, maybe once, maybe twice, but then never buys again.

This kind of visitor can be especially frustrating because you’re not sure what got them to stop being a regular spender.

What will work for them?

Make these visitors feel special. Next time they’re on your site, acknowledge them!  Show them a banner that says it’s been a while since they spent with you, and giving them a little discount or bonus to try to encourage them to spend again.

You can also put best-sellers on your homepage where they’re sure to be spotted – this social proof, demonstrating that other people are buying products from you, can go a long way to convincing hesitant buyers.

You can also match your offerings with what they’ve bought from you in the   past. This is a perfect opportunity to offer a cross-sell based on their past purchases. Put the perfect matching products right on the homepage, where they won’t miss it. With luck, they’ll realise these products are exactly what they needed all along.

4. Regular Big Spender

What do they look like?

This kind of account is a highly valued customer. They love you, they love your brand, they love spending money with you. This kind of visitor is often left to their own devices, because you might assume that because they love you now, they’ll love you forever. This can be a big mistake though! Just because they are with you now, does not mean they will indefinitely. Focus on them and curate them into your ideal customer

What will work for them?

Let them know how special they are to you by rewarding their loyalty!

Treat them to a price reduction next time they buy from you, maybe on their most-often purchased brand. Let them know if you’ve got a new line coming in you know they’ll be interested in. Offer them products you know will go well with their normal purchases, and throw in free shipping and next-day delivery.

Any opportunity to make them feel heard and valued goes a long way to securing long-term loyalty with you.

With PureClarity audience segmentation and B2B ecommerce personalisation there are a number of ways you can define your different customer and visitor groups and effectively personalise targeted messages and products to both them as a group and as an individual.

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