What ‘Smart Search’ means to your Marketing Team

With advances in Artificial Intelligence and Big Data true machine learning can provide enhanced search that is both relevant and optimized for an individual.  Let’s explore what ‘Smart Search’ means to your Marketing Team.

What is Smart Search?

A regular search solution likely sits within your ecommerce solution and offers basic functionality such as the ability to predict what customers may write, correct spelling mistakes or present a dropdown with a list of product titles.

Smart Search takes all of those regular features, amplifies them, adds to them and delivers a search experience that smoothly guides your site visitors towards the basket area.

Why is Smart Search important?

80% of people using search on a site are actually in a buying position. They have often decided what they would like to purchase and are now searching for the product that is most relevant to them.

The main goal of the Smart Search is to present visitors with the most relevant product, not just for anyone using that search term – but specifically, personally for that one visitor. How is this possible? PureClarity absorbs data from all of your site visitors, taking into account what is trending, what that individual has previously done and what similar people have done to produce a relevant result each and every time.

Let’s take a look at an example…

‘Visitor A’ searches for ‘Green Top’ – PureClarity recognizes this visitor; they have previously purchased and viewed Men’s products, they often spend more than £30 and they have viewed a lot of Vans products. PureClarity would present ‘Visitor A’ with Men’s tops, likely branded by Vans and in the £30 range. ‘Visitor A’ is delighted, purchases a green vans t-shirt and thinks happy thoughts about his experience.

Let’s compare that to a regular search where ‘Green Tops’ may result in hundreds of results from varying genders, brands and even products. ‘Visitor A’ likely gets frustrated, abandons the website and remembers his experience for quite some time.

Smart Search, big data, analysis, personalization – it all sounds time-consuming, doesn’t it?

Thankfully, it’s not! PureClarity is a highly intelligent personalisation solution, its Smart Search functionally is rivaled by none and the algorithms it uses are amongst the most sophisticated in the industry. That being said, its dashboard was developed for Marketers, by Marketers making it one of the simplest solutions to manage and maintain.

What’s actually involved?

Once on your site, PureClarity will instantly start looking at trends and will deliver Smart Search relevance without you having to touch it. The system automatically uses your product data to present search results and even filters.

There are of course some manual “to do’s” that make the powerful automated Smart Search elements even more effective. For these, we would simply recommend that your Marketing Team log in to the dashboard once a week, take a look at the reports and set up some simple search rules.

During seasonal times, you may want to be more “hands-on” so we recommend checking your search reports, 3 times per week.

Where your time is best spent.

When looking at the Smart Search dashboard, we recommend reviewing the following:
– “no search results”
– “searches yielding one result”
– “highest converting search”
– “highest bounce rates”

The reports are updated instantly in real time, so no waiting around!

Simply use this information to set up new rules to make sure you display products when a “no search results” term is used again, to show a couple of options where you see the result yields one product option and perhaps make a note to create a new landing page for the “highest converting search”.

So you see, PureClarity is very simple indeed and with limited management time it has been proven to increase sales by over 80%.