3 Steps to The Perfect Shopping Cart – The Basics.

This series of 3 posts will guide you through how to optimize your shopping cart and increase your conversions. I will talk you through the basics, upselling and finally how to re-engage customers who abandon.

#1 The Basics

The first post in this series is all about the basics; the fundamental things you need to implement to be on your way to achieving the perfect shopping cart.

I think it is fair to say that on the whole, the majority of retailers with an online presence understand the importance of having a user-friendly, simple online shopping cart. On average only 3 out of a 100 website visitors go on to complete a purchase, this means getting customers to the shopping cart stage is like gold dust. You simply cannot afford to lose them at this point!

So, what are the basics?

Here is a list of very simple changes that can be made. Now, I know this list may not exactly be ‘innovative’ or ‘out there’, but it is a solid list of the fundamentals of a perfect shopping cart page. If you get 10 tickets, great! If not, these updates won’t cost you too much time, budget or resource so you can get started implementing them straight away!

  1. Display high-quality product images for order verification (if possible, match the product photo to the variable selected by the customer e.g. a red sweater, not the stock photo of the purple sweater!)
  2. Display clear delivery time estimates & prices
  3. Offer the visitor an option to save a basket for later
  4. Display trust symbols e.g. company number and payment gateway logos
  5. Clearly highlight either a call or chat option for additional queries
  6. Display near the price point the savings made – your customer is saving money, tell them!
  7. Make payment options clearly visible e.g. Checkout with PayPal and/or card logos
  8. Display relevant and targeted recommendations “you may also like” to encourage upsell
  9. Offer links to policies such as return procedures
  10. Allow users to update their quantities and remove products from a cart. You don’t want a change of mind on one product to results in a complete cart abandonment

Watch out for my next post where I talk about upselling in the shopping cart – coming next week!

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