PureClarity is shortlisted for Machine Learning / AI Project of the Year

Ecommerce Personalization Software, PureClarity, has been shortlisted at the Digital Technology Leaders Awards for Machine Learning / AI Project of the Year. 

The Computing Digital Technology Leaders Awards exist to recognize the achievements of the individuals and companies who are really making it happen in digital technology. Machine learning and artificial intelligence systems are rapidly becoming part of many organizations’ everyday operations. The award for Machine Learning / AI Project of the Year recognizes those at the forefront of this trend, innovators that are delivering real benefits to clients.

The awards will be presented on the evening of 6th July at a venue to be revealed in London.

View the full shortlist.

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Co-Founder & CEO of PureClarity Paul holds a doctorate in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and has worked in the eCommerce sector for over 18 years. His focus has been on creating software that uses AI and Big Data that delivers personalized results that are relevant to individuals and at the same time help eCommerce managers and business owners increase their online revenue.