Three Ways to Make the Most Out of Black Friday/Cyber Monday

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are renowned for huge deals and discounts. More and more, customers are skipping the rush and shopping in their pyjamas for both Black Friday but especially for Cyber Monday. They can’t wait to take advantage of the tremendous sales that are possible at this special time of the year.

How can you use this event to reap the maximum rewards for your online shop?

1. Using re-engagement

When shoppers make a purchase on Black Friday, use that as a springboard to get them excited to spend on Cyber Monday. Send an email, offer a voucher, or let them know there will be a special deal available for them.

Use a personalization software to recognize shoppers that browse or purchase anything on Black Friday, and use that information to send them a special, personalized message to get them to come back on Monday to spend more with you.

2. Using the correct language

Entering into the holiday season is a time when everyone is looking for a reason to treat themselves! By combining that with personalization, you create a powerful offer that’s hard to turn down.

For example, if someone has just looked at a new laptop, entice them to treat themselves by throwing in a free laptop case!

3. Fight the Abandoned Shopping Cart

It’s easy for shoppers to get excited about the deals on offer for Cyber Monday and Black Friday, only to get distracted and forget about their cart.

Don’t let them! From the start, you can offer a discount code to get them to checkout right away. If they abandon the cart, send them a little email reminder immediately, and then again after a day with the items they abandoned, a discount or voucher to regain them, and some well-matched personalized products for them.

You should also create a campaign on your online store aimed at people who have abandoned carts, reminding them of their abandoned cart and giving them an incentive to finish it off.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are some of the biggest online spending days of the year — don’t miss out and make the most out of it!

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