How Ecommerce Personalization Will Be Your 2019 Online Game Changer

Being a quarter way into 2019 already and with an uncertain direction for the business economy, businesses will now be reviewing the performance of Q1 versus the forecasts outlined at the beginning of the year.  Many businesses whose financial year started at the beginning of this month will be looking for ways to improve the performance of their online stores in 2019. Brand loyalty can easily be broken when shopping online so putting your customers online experience first will quickly pay dividends when it comes to your bottom line.  Its all about providing a relevant and engaging online shopping experience.This is where PureClarity can help in so many ways.

Put your customers online experience first

Do you offer your customers online customer service 24/7?  Can you identify a visitor as soon as they arrive? Do you know what they are likely to want, how much they usually spend and be able to present those products to them from the start?

Look back to how shop keepers used to greet their customers. They’d know their name, where they lived, what they preferred, how much they like to spend and often on what days they would shop. Shop keepers would identify new visitors to the shop and do everything they could to make them feel welcome and find out as much as they could for any future visits. There is no reason, with the technology that is available today, that any business cannot be offering this. By not doing this you’re not making your customers personally feel valued.  No one likes to feel like a statistic on a financial bottom line.  

Recruit Artificial Intelligence into your team

For those of you that remember Albert Arkright from ‘Open All Hours’ as the trusted shopkeeper back in the 1970’s, times have surely moved on. Yet the principles are the same, they’ve just moved online. Albert would know all his customers, their likes and dislikes, their preferences, where they lived, and how they liked to behave once in the shop.   Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the 2019 24/7 virtual perfect traditional shopkeeper in 2019.

AI has revolutionized the way that businesses can serve their customers online. AI can predict who will visit, what they want and can make sure the relevant products offers and promotions are available at the right time in the right place.  Many businesses report that the vast amount of data they are now surrounded by is difficult to interpret into a meaningful and manageable strategy. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning were created to do exactly this. What would take a team of four full time employees to interpret in a day can be done in a matter of seconds at a small fraction of the people cost.

How AI-Driven Ecommerce Personalization helps business succeeds

Intelligent Ecommerce Personalization enables businesses to have an intelligent virtual shopkeeper present throughout each visitor’s website visit. It allows businesses to present relevant products and promotions based on their profile, their previous requests, searches and behaviors and also based on what the general current trends are.  It also allows gives them the means to show attractive offers and promotions at key points, whether in the shop window or at the point of checkout.

AI Ecommerce Personalization makes a visitor feel valued by the business. By remembering what someone likes, has bought and proving recommendations on other products, Intelligent Ecommerce Personalization makes the buying experience much more enjoyable and their propensity to buy increases.

Ecommerce Personalization builds brand loyalty and customer retention, increases average order value and in turn helps businesses exceed those original forecasts predicted back at the beginning of the year.

How PureClarity is a game-changer

PureClarity specializes soley in AI-Driven real-time  Ecommerce Personalization that gives businesses two unique levels of personalization. Firstly, the AI-driven recommenders and recommender strategy work 24/7 without any input, interpreting any amount of data whether huge of sparse, into a website that offers highly relevant recommendations to visitors. Secondly PureClarity allows businesses to overlay different enriched personalized marketing campaigns to different customer segments throughout any area throughout the site to double the personalization impact.  There are a number of additional features included PureClarity which we would love to show you.

So what next?

Whether or not ecommerce personalization has yet entered your radar in 2019, the fact is that without the adoption of AI-driven technology to interpret your data and provide excellent an online experience, you may feel your bounce rate grow.

Why not find out more about the financial benefits PureClarity will bring to your business.  Request a 1-1 online demo and ROI forecast here.


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