It’s No Contest When It Comes To Using Real-Time Recommenders!

What once amazed the online shopper such as product page recommenders has quickly become the norm and an expectation. Online shopping is no longer a fad, it’s a lifestyle. The same rules apply to any website when a new visitor arrives. They will decide within the first few moments of landing on your homepage as to whether it’s relevant, has any buying appeal, and if there are any incentives to buy.

To succeed in a highly competitive market retailers whether B2B or B2C need to stay at the forefront of new technology allowing their customers a fantastic online shopping experience. Those retailers who do not adapt and adopt will soon find themselves at the back of the shelf when the time comes for shoppers to choose who to buy from.

The Adoption of Product Recommenders

So, let’s take a quick look one of the key developments over recent years. The adoption of product recommendations.  We all know that Amazon built the foundation of this model back in the late 1990’s and it’s no secret that the worlds richest man Jeff Bezos has built his success on data driven marketing.

Surely the key to success lies in effective ecommerce personalization. Amazon have always been a company to watch and learn from and other SoftwareSolution Providers such as PureClarity have since taken ecommerce personalization to the next level.

No Longer Unique

It’s become the norm to see recommendations on any major ecommerce platform website. What was once a leading tactic used to inform customers / introduce them to new products and brands has now become common practice and business as usual.

Standard recommenders offered usually for free or a low cost are commonplace plugins for ecommerce platform marketplaces.  They allow businesses to have products displayed based on customers purchase history however they do not change as a visitor browses the site. Nothing changes in real-time so quickly become irrelevant and redundant.

Irrelevant Recommenders

The trouble here is that many of the recommendations seen on websites are not only irrelevant but a little too bog standard.  Online shoppers see these recommendations but are becoming blind to them as there is little relevance as they are based on a restricted criterion which does not always fit the bill. Standard and non-dynamic recommenders will have little impact on your conversion rate or your average order value.

Offering truly personalized AI recommenders can be a game changer. It’s time to up your game on your website before it quickly becomes outdated.  The pace of changes in customer expectations has never been as quick as it is today.

The Key Differences Between Standard Recommenders and AI Driven Recommenders

Marketplace Standard Recommenders
AI -Driven Real-Time Recommenders
Limited to Product Page, Shopping Page and Category Page Can be placed anywhere on your website from homepage through to basket and order confirmation email.
Limited to previous purchase behaviour to determine which products to showLooks at individual behaviour, previous purchases and behaviour, trends within customer segment and trends across the website (the crowd)
Default settings and product selection for first time visitor as no previous history available.Tracks on site behaviour plus analyzes trends in first time visitor segment and provides product, category and brand recommendation based on that data insight.
Can only be placed at top or bottom of pageCan be placed in any area of real estate on the page. AI Strategy Engines can work out which recommender to show and where on the website for maximum conversion
Limited rules as to criteria of what shown – show what others who bought this item also boughtNo limit to the criteria of what products are shown. Can be based on item value, cross sell, up sell, complete the look, gender, previous search history, location etc. The list is endless.
Repeat products seen in recommenders throughout the siteThe Advanced AI Strategy knows what products are being shown to who and where and ensures no two recommenders are shown in a single user journey and there is no duplication of products recommended
Fixed recommenders and recommendations regardless of user profile  Recommenders change with every click of the user journey to ensure they are always relevant to the customer.
Limited to the website aloneCan also be used across email campaigns and included in order confirmation, abandoned basket email and customer renewal campaigns

Above highlights the huge number of features and advantages of using AI-driven recommenders over the limited standard recommenders.  The more personalized and relevant a website throughout the whole customer journey the more bang you will get for your buck when it comes to increased online conversion and average order value. Not only that but you will see your customers come back time after time.  I challenge any retailer honestly tell me that’s not a priority for them.

Why Use PureClarity AI Recommender Engine?

PureClarity’s AI Engine profiles visitors’ current and past behavior and chooses the most appropriate and relevant recommender type to show to the individual. The AI is aware of the page in which it places recommenders and optimizes recommendations so that duplicate content is not shown.

Key Features

  • AI engine orchestrates the best recommendation strategy for each visitor
  • PureClarity Cold Start feature works with sparse data sets
  • Works 24/7 without any manual intervention
  • The AI can evaluate which manual recommenders are on page to ensure no recommenders duplicated
  • The AI engine presents recommenders in the best position on the most relevant page for maximum conversion
  • Optimized for both B2C and B2B with different recommendation strategies depending on the profile of your customers
  • Fully customizable and can be placed anywhere on your website
Interested in Learning More?

Interested in learning more? Get in touch and we’ll schedule a demo for a time that suits you. We’ll show you exactly how PureClarity works its magic, and you can ask all the burning questions you have about personalization.

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Joanne Burman has over the last 12 years worked in the Ecommerce and Digital Marketing field across several B2C sectors including retail, healthcare and leisure, helping companies devise clear strategies to grow their online business.

From exploring new technologies to try and create a more tailored online shopping experience through to building customer and brand loyalty she has delivered growth targets in all her roles to date.

Jo, as well as loving her morning coffee, has a strong belief that data has become the new business currency and the more insight companies have into their customers behaviour the more they can tailor their marketing and eCommerce strategies to enable growth.