Artificial Intelligence: The Backbone of Effective Ecommerce Personalization

One of the questions we are often asked is how the Artificial Intelligence from PureClarity works.

Below is a simple guide that explains how it works and how it is used to provide your online customers with a highly personalized online shopping experience.

AI and Big Data Technology

PureClarity is built on AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Big Data technology. It collects data about every one of your visitors, tracking their interactions with you onsite and offsite to build up a picture of their behavior, their dislikes, likes, interests and habits.

How PureClarity Works

Identify and Target Different Customer Segments

This information is then used to present relevant and personalized results onsite and offsite. PureClarity also analyzes this mass of data for every interaction and everyone on your site to see if there are any hidden Segments based behaviors you should be exploiting, e.g. “Camera Lovers.” With PureClarity you have at your fingertips the ability to drill down into this data; you can time slice and segment the information to get a deeper understanding of your visitors’ behavior and the performance of your site.

Real-time Performance

PureClarity works in real time using a hybrid AI model to dynamically learn and adapt to new information and new behavior and trends. As visitors arrive on your site, PureClarity will change the recommended products and strategies based on their behavior in that very visit. PureClarity will show recommendations that worked on other visitors to maximize the chances of them seeing relevant results and buying on that visit.

Works With All Data Amounts

PureClarity optimizes the recommendation algorithm based on how much data is available. For sites without much data, PureClarity makes the most of the sparse data by implementing a content-based filtering recommendation system, which has really incredible results for some of our clients already – check out JewelStreet to learn more about that.

Effective Cross Sells and Upsells

With more data, PureClarity uses a collaborative filtering algorithm, which means that the large amounts of data are analyzed to find the optimal cross-sells and upsells based on what your customers are looking at and buying right now. To see some of our stellar results from this kind of client, such as our client ZyroFisher.

No Duplication of Content.

The AI will never show two of the same strategies on the same page, and will work to minimize product duplication on the same page. Visitors can enjoy relevant, specific product recommendations without seeing any of the same content, guaranteed to increase your average order value and conversion rate – like for our client Green-tech.

Optimized A/B Testing

PureClarity’s AI engine does A/B testing in the background, testing which strategy works best. If your customers respond best to cross-sells, PureClarity will favor those algorithms. If they prefer strategies which show more of the products that are popular on your site in real-time, PureClarity leans more towards that. Every recommender is optimized to be right for the customer, the page it’s on, and the overall trends on the site.

The Engine also uses deep pattern mining AI techniques to find hidden Segments and use predictive behavior to present the most relevant results to individuals.

Overlay with Enriched Personalization

The AI can be combined with enriched personalization to enhance the user’s experience; creating Segments to present promotions and products, categories and brands to specifically targeted users based on their behavior.

In short, what this all means is that your visitors are going to experience a completely personalized and optimized recommendation strategy that changes in real time as PureClarity collects more information about them, always optimized to maximize your conversion and average order value.

Interested in Learning More?

Interested in learning more? Get in touch and we’ll schedule a demo for a time that suits you. We’ll show you exactly how PureClarity works its magic, and you can ask all the burning questions you have about personalization.

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Joanne Burman has over the last 12 years worked in the Ecommerce and Digital Marketing field across several B2C sectors including retail, healthcare and leisure, helping companies devise clear strategies to grow their online business.

From exploring new technologies to try and create a more tailored online shopping experience through to building customer and brand loyalty she has delivered growth targets in all her roles to date.

Jo, as well as loving her morning coffee, has a strong belief that data has become the new business currency and the more insight companies have into their customers behaviour the more they can tailor their marketing and eCommerce strategies to enable growth.