PureClarity Technology Partnership with X-Cart

PureClarity is delighted to announce that it has recently added X-Cart to its portfolio of Technology Partners. X-Cart is a commercial open source shopping cart platform which allows users to create their own online store with a few simple steps. 

PureClarity is the only ecommerce personalisation provider to X-Cart and allows users to create a personalized and highly relevant online shopping experience through the use of AI-driven product recommenders and personalized marketing campaigns, email and search results.

Dr. Paul Gibson, CEO of PureClarity,  said,

We are delighted to be an intrinsic Personalization solution available to all 39,000+ merchants using the X-Cart platform. Our plugin is extremely easy to access and use and we look forward to helping so many businesses using X-Cart to take their revenue and customer loyalty levels to new heights.”

“As one of the leading PHP ecommerce platforms, X-Cart is a fantastic addition to our suite of Technology Partners. X-Cart merchants now have at their fingertips the one stop solution for providing their customers with a truly personalized and improved shopping experience.

About X-Cart

As the leading PHP shopping cart e-commerce software, their platform easily handles large product catalogs with 1,000,000+skus while still keeping merchants store fast. More than 35,000 online stores around the world use and rely on X‑Cart as their e-commerce platform of choice.The platform comes with a wide range of eCommerce tools and integrations that the user can configure into their store as required. They operate on a global scale and operates across a number of industry verticals.

About PureClarity

PureClarity is an award winning powerful artificial intelligence (AI) driven ecommerce personalization platform that allows businesses to give their online visitors a personalized and targeted online customer journey. Proven to increase online revenue by 26%, online conversion by 71.5% and average order value by 16.5%.

To Find Out More

To access the PureClarity plugin in the X-Cart marketplace https://market.x-cart.com/addons/pureclarity-personalization.html

Interested in Learning More?

Interested in learning more? Get in touch and we’ll schedule a demo for a time that suits you. We’ll show you exactly how PureClarity works its magic, and you can ask all the burning questions you have about personalization.

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Joanne Burman has over the last 12 years worked in the Ecommerce and Digital Marketing field across several B2C sectors including retail, healthcare and leisure, helping companies devise clear strategies to grow their online business.

From exploring new technologies to try and create a more tailored online shopping experience through to building customer and brand loyalty she has delivered growth targets in all her roles to date.

Jo, as well as loving her morning coffee, has a strong belief that data has become the new business currency and the more insight companies have into their customers behaviour the more they can tailor their marketing and eCommerce strategies to enable growth.