Mr. Clarity Helps to Explain How to Increase Online Sales

When B2C or B2B marketing and ecommerce professionals research ecommerce personalization platforms such as PureClarity, one of the biggest barriers to purchase is that technical jargon can often cloud the benefits of implementation to increase online sales. However, it is knowledge of customers & products, and not the technology that is the main requirement for operation to start increasing sales.

In order to understand the benefits of ecommerce personalization, it can help to compare online activity to traditional sales techniques that have occurred in brick and mortar stores for decades. In order to do this, we’d like to introduce you to Mr. Clarity – The ultimate offline sales assistant!

Employee of the month

Sales Assistant By Month
Sales Assistant By Month

Great sales people, such as Mr. Clarity, pride themselves on their ability to really get to know their customers.

Sales assistant asking a customer a question
Sales assistant asking a customer a question

The more information they can gather, the more personalized a service they can provide.

Sales assistant customer service
Sales assistant customer service

This generates loyalty and ultimately increase sales.

Sales assistant cross-selling
Sales assistant cross-selling

PureClarity allows your business to transfer some of these tried and tested traditional sales techniques demonstrated by Mr. Clarity on to your online store.

The sales toolbox

Imagine there are two identical shops. One has an uninterested teenager working behind the till, who lets customers browse without communicating with them and barely looks up even when they are ringing through purchases. The other has Mr. Clarity at the helm who engages with customers and makes recommendations whilst they browse and at the point of sale. Which shop do you think will have the better overall profits?

This is exactly the same online, but on a much greater scale. Ecommerce websites can adapt in real-time during the customer journey and have a fantastic memory! If you use ecommerce personalization, more sales will be generated.

An exceptional sale assistant will use every tool in their sales arsenal to up-sell and cross-sell products and this is no different online. Below is a list of sales techniques that both Mr. Clarity and PureClarity utilize in order to increase your profits.

Online and Offline Sales Tools Comparison Chart
Online and Offline Sales Tools Comparison Chart

Is it not a bit ‘hard sell’?

There is a fine balance between a salesperson being helpful and trying on the ‘hard sell’. Customers don’t mind being assisted as long as staff are able to sense when they want to be left alone and that they aren’t been harassed with products that are of no interest to them.

This is exactly the same online. Product recommendations should be suggested without interrupting the customer’s experience i.e. banners at the top of the page, on a product page or within the search bar etc.  They should also be relevant and change in real-time based on what the customer has searched for, browsed, liked, previously bought and what the AI predicts they will also love. This is achieved by using all of the data listed above to automatically choose the most relevant products, brands and campaigns for the customer

If customers have a positive experience on a website which is personal to them;

  • they are likely to buy more
  • they are more likely to revisit the website
  • they will recommend your site to others

Not just for big brands

Another perception of ecommerce personalization is that it is only for big online brands such as John Lewis and Amazon. On the high street, investment in strong sales people, such as Mr. Clarity, will pay dividends at any level whether you are a large enterprise retailer or a small hardware store.

This is also the case online. It doesn’t matter if you’re ‘Next’ or a small SME, investment is ecommerce personalization is scalable, affordable and will increase sales, increase customer spend and create a loyal customer base. It doesn’t take long at all to start seeing the financial benefits and a return on your investment.

What does it cost?

High street stores adjust their levels of staff depending on demand. For instance, during the Christmas season, greater numbers of staff will be taken on in order to service the increased footfall. Similarly, the pricing structure for PureClarity is fully scalable and based on the number of page views your website receives per month and can be set to automatically adjust depending on the levels of traffic. Therefore, your cost will always reflect how many users are visiting your website during a particular period.

PureClarity Pricing
PureClarity Pricing

There is no long term commitment

Another concern amongst SMEs is that ecommerce personalization is a long term investment which may be costly if it doesn’t generate the desired results. This simply isn’t the case. Similarly to an employee, PureClarity can be employed for a trial period (with the exception that it is FREE) and once you sign up, only a month’s notice is required for the subscription to be terminated.

Also, you won’t be left on your own. PureClarity provides you with all the tools needed to run the software effectively. This includes comprehensive on-boarding support and once set up PureClarity’s AI will get working straight away 24/7 without any intervention needed. However, continuous support is also provided including a dedicated Success Manager and access to the PureClarity Academy to help you maximize the performance of your personalization campaigns on an ongoing basis.  

If you are an SME and would like to learn more about how PureClarity will increase your online sales, visit our website.

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