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4 Ways To Excite Your Customers This Summer

Is your online store summer ready?

Summer is in the air. Well it will be when the rain decides to stop! The days are longer, the weather is (slightly) warmer, the flowers are blossoming, and birds are chirping. Is your online store ready for the UK’s most favoured season? 

Recent statistics revealed that ecommerce sales have risen 88% globally, due to the pandemic closing brick and mortar stores. Now that the vaccine has been introduced ‘normality’ is round the corner. The next road-map step is coming into place this week on 17th May 2021 and summer officially begins in the UK 20th June – which is also Father’s Day. 

Although the growth of ecommerce has skyrocketed through lockdown, post-lockdown people and businesses fear that this momentum will plateau or dip as people begin living their lives once again and revisiting the high street. 

Summer 2021 – fingers, eyes and  toes crossed – marks the end of lockdown for the UK. Shops, hospitality, entertainment, sporting events, and other social activities have now reopened. On top of this, summer has key events such as Father’s Day and the festival season. 

The question is: how can SMEs stand head and shoulders above the competition and excite their customers this Summer to maintain the online growth they have experienced throughout the pandemic lock-down? This blog discusses ways in which you can ensure that your online store can continue to grow throughout summer and post-lockdown. 

Customer segmentation 

I think we all deserve a good Summer. What better way to engage your customers than by creating 1-1 dialogue through customer segmentation

In a previous blog we discussed that customers are now craving an in-store experience online. Segmentation allows you to communicate with your customers on a more personal level. 

Segmentation, in simple terms, is the grouping of customers based on various factors. This could be based on demographics, external factors, geographic, entrance into the site, behaviour whilst on the site, or whether they are a first time buyer – it is really down to you and your overall ecommerce goal. 

The benefits of segmenting your audiences are endless. One of the main ones being that it offers a hyper personalised experience to your customers – increasing conversions, reducing bounce rates, and improving customer retention. With customer segmentation you can easily understand the behaviours and value of each of your customer groups. Understanding and targeting your customers on 1-2-1 level is key to success.

Sunny visitors 

For instance, you could create a segment based on an external and geographical factor such as the weather of your customers location. 

Since summer is coming, and that usually means that we are going to get better weather, you could create a Sunny Visitors segment. This means that whenever a customer visits your site that is in a location that has warm and sunny weather, they will be shown whichever content that you link this segment to. 

This will allow you to connect better with your customers. You will be able to treat them to a highly relevant shopping experience. Get customers excited about holidays, sunny garden days, and outdoor adventures by promoting relevant products. 

Weather Based AI

For example: You’ve created your Sunny Visitors segment. Now focus on creating a campaign. Create a banner carousel of your best summer products that can appear on the homepage. This will build product awareness and immediately highlight the products you want to push. 

Here you can see that Baby Boutique have created a weather based customer segmentation to target people in Sunny location with relevant product recommenders and a carousel of personalised content.

Personalised content 

Who doesn’t want a personalised and seamless experience? In fact, recent studies have shown that 80% of online customers now expect a personalised journey when browsing online. 

The whole point is to give a big warm welcome to your customers as soon as they step onto your site, this will encourage them to engage with your content, increase conversion, and maximise online sales.

Dynamic banner

Personalised content is always a great way to greet customers, and what better way to do this than through a personalised banner? 

If you apply the Sunny Visitors segment from earlier to your dynamic banner you could direct people located in a warm location to your summer collection and offer 10% off. 

“Hot Sale! Enjoy 10%. Use SUN10.”

Or you could add a banner that is shown to all your customers that directs them to the products that you want to push this summer. You can then build on this with further segmentation to say hello to new visitors, welcome back returning customers, and reward loyal customers. 

We provide our clients with a collection of pre-built and adaptable images for banners and pop-ups. Here’s a few we have stocked for summer, to give you some inspiration.


Product carousel banners increase engagement and product awareness by allowing a section on your site which advertise a range of products, brands, promotions, and key messages to each individual customer. 

PureClarity’s carousels can be customised or driven by AI, to ensure products that are most relevant are shown. 

Example: Festival season is fast approaching – take this opportunity to promote key lines and products. Why not include a product carousel that advertises your festival products? If you sell funky clothing, tents, outdoor gear, summer time  accessories, paddling pools, or sun cream, take advantage of this time to push these products.


Pop-ups can be used in multiple ways. There’s been many discussions around whether people are for or against pop-ups. However, there is no denying that they demand the attention of your customers and if used correctly and strategically can be great for increasing conversions, increasing average order, and boosting sales

For instance, you could implement a pop-up to showcase your offers and give your customers more of an incentive to continue shopping with you. You could also include a pop-up to encourage your customers to engage with you and your business – an email capture to sign up to a monthly e-bulletin for example. 

PureClarity’s pop-ups allow you to place a pop-up on any page. 

PureClarity Simple Popups


It’s pop-iscles season!

Refresh your customers with juicy offers they can’t resist through pop-ups. Create a simple pop-up that features a clear and ‘summery’ image to make your customers smile.

“One for the road! Here is a 15% discount. Use code CHEERSTOYOU”

Father’s Day Campaign

20th June 2021 is Father’s Day for the UK. This could be the perfect chance for you to set up a Father’s Day pop-up. 

You could have a Father’s Day pop-up on the homepage that is triggered after 10 seconds to direct your customer to the Father’s Day product listing page. 

“Father’s Day is on it’s way! Treat your super Dads to the perfect gift.” 

Or you could include a pop-up on the product listing page advertising free delivery over every £30 purchase.

“Spend £30 or more on Father’s Day gifts and receive free delivery! Hurry offer ends 15th June.” 

Product recommenders

Homepage example with PureClarity

Product recommenders are the holy grail for all ecommerce businesses. They can increase conversions, maximise average order value, and build brand awareness like no other.

They have many benefits. In previous blogs we have discussed how Amazon – the almighty King of ecommerce – exceeds customer fulfilment through cross-selling and up-selling products every time. Recommenders allow you to focus on your customers needs first, which in turn increases overall online revenue. 

Recently Harry Hall, a client of ours, increased 17.5% in revenue driven by the use of PureClarity product recommenders alone. 

In summary, product recommenders are a huge must this summer and post-lockdown to connect better with your customers. 

How PureClartiy can help

Luckily we are experts in creating a streamline customer experience, increasing online revenue, and supporting and fulfilling our clients ecommerce needs. 

We specialise in ecommerce personalisation. Let us help you continue to  grow your business throughout summer and after lockdown.

PureClarity tries to make the process of creating campaigns easier through our experience wizards and fully stocked image library – which can be used to inspire clients and help them build pop-ups, banners, and other personalised content. 

Once installed our software gets to work from day one so you can focus on other jobs you have on your to do list and let PureClarity do all the heavy lifting for you.

Book a discovery call or try our 30 day free trial today to see PureClarity in action and create a personalised shopping experience for your customers.

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