26th August 2020 - 4 Min

5 Strategies for Powerful Popups

Website popups are one of the most effective ways to convert your inbound traffic into valuable leads for your business. There is no argument despite the ongoing debate on whether popups are liked or disliked.

They can be annoying and be intrusive when used incorrectly but when they are used at the right time in the right place, popups can be a highly effective element of your overall acquisition strategy.

The average conversion rate stated by Sumo for all popups is 3.09% so when you translate that conversion into actual email signups, content downloads and promo usage in basket, it all adds up to an effective engagement tool.  The reality is that the most effective popups can convert up to 40% of website traffic when used correctly.

One of the questions you should ask yourself is whether your popup adds value or is it seen as a mere distraction?

  • Does it deliver discount at the point where a customer may be hesitant to purchase due to price?
  • Does it deliver confidence at the point where a customer is concerned over delivery times or costs?
  • Does it provide your customer with true added value as part of their online journey?

If you have answered yes to this question, then ask yourself whether the right people are seeing the right popup.

  • Is  it presented to a specific website visitor e.g. first time visitor, loyal customers, customers who have made specific purchases in the past?
  • Is the message specific to the page the visitor is viewing? (delivery times, product pages, etc)
  • Is the popup created to win new customers or keep existing customers? (voucher promotion, loyalty codes, etc)

If you have answered yes to these second set of questions, then you are well on your way to driving not only more sales but generating more leads on your website than ever before. 

We have previously posted a blog which includes best practice tips for designing your popup so we thought here we would show 5 great examples of how different businesses are using popups effectively to win prospects, new customers and drive business.

1. Incentivise First Time Visitors to Purchase

Frank and Oak Popup
Frank and Oak Popup

Menswear clothing giant, Frank and Oak, use an entry footer popup to attract first time shoppers with a 15% discount. The design of the popup is complimentary to the brand design so not intrusive but stands out enough to grab the visitors attention. Frank and Oak use their popup to offer their incentive before the visitor even starts shopping so it is always front of mind that any price, they see will get 15% off which increases the chance of a final conversion.

2. Inspire Customers to Get Involved in A Business Social Community

Naja Website Popups
Naja Website Popups

There is much more to the lingerie company Naja than beautiful underwear and bras. The brand aims to not only save the world’s seas with its eco-conscious garments, but also empower women not objectify them. In other words, Naja as much an ecommerce store as a passion project.

Naja’s popup works because it is designed to effectively introduce new visitors to their website communicating brand ethos using powerful and engaging photography. It encourages email sign ups asking visitors to ‘join the movement’ offering a discount on their first purchase. This powerful emotional connection popup is a win-win all round.

3. Use Exit Intent Popups to Prevent Customers Abandoning Their Cart

Silvana Popup
Silvana Popup

If your brand has an existing discount on offer for brand new visitors to the site, don’t be afraid to use an exit intent popup as a way to remind a browser who is about to leave their cart of that offer in a bid to tempt them back.  You have absolutely nothing to lose by encouraging people to stay and make that discounted purchase. Silvana do this well by offering a decent price discount on intent to exit as a last try to tempt visitors to complete their purchase. Not only will they win the business but will have the customers email address to incentivise them to return later.

4. Incentivise to Buy and Signup for Newsletters

Living Shop Popup
Living Shop Popup

Livingshop, a fashionable Danish store selling designer furniture and homewares, found a clever way of making visitors return to purchase and signup to their weekly newsletter. By presenting an email popup offering a 10% off all purchases, this clever incentive allows LivingShop not only to sell more, but also to send weekly updates incentivising their customers to return and buy again.

5. Build A New Prospect Database

Bench Popups
Bench Popups

Bench, a rising fintech start-up, uses a popup to grab the attention of their international visitors. We love their use of friendly communication and a promise of real-time updates in their popup. It’s a smart way to collect contact information and keep all their visitors in the loop until they are ready to open internationally.  This can also be easily applied to retailers who are looking to launch into a new territory.

So, remember, popups can be highly effective if you follow the golden rules.


  • Always add value to your online visitor
  • Be relevant to the person you are showing the popup to
  • Use as incentive buy and as an incentive not to leave
  • Be creative with your design and placement
  • Keep your language concise and on brand
  • Personalise your message to the visitor
  • Try and create an emotional connection
  • Make the popup easy to close


  • Be intrusive
  • Use language that makes people feel bad
  • Place irrelevant popups anywhere on your site – sure fire way to see visitors leave
  • Write too much copy so your popup is confusing
  • Ask for too many details

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