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6 Sure-Fire Ways To Lower Shopping Cart Abandonment

When it comes to ecommerce challenges, shopping cart abandonment is one of the biggest hurdles brands have to overcome, with this issue costing ecommerce brands up to $18 billion (£13 billion) per year.

For all the effort that you may put into refining your marketing strategies, it’s inevitable that some people will abandon a cart before making a purchase. However, there’s plenty you can do to enhance the shopping experience and reduce shopping cart abandonment.

That’s why we’ve put a list of our top six tips for how ecommerce brands can rise to the occasion. Before we get into that, let’s explore what online cart abandonment is.

What is shopping cart abandonment?

When a customer abandons a cart, it means they’ve added items to their online shopping cart and left without paying. It’s a problem faced across multiple industries and the average cart abandonment rate is a whopping 69.80%.

For context, this means that most brands only convert about one-in-four consumers into paying customers – that’s why creating a strategy to combat cart abandonment is so important.

Here are the tips we’re going to explore:

  1. Embrace the efficiency of a progress indicator
  2. Offer multiple payment options
  3. Use targeted exit pop-ups
  4. Include a guest checkout option
  5. You can’t beat a good call to action
  6. Tap into remarketing to bring shoppers back

1. Embrace the efficiency of a progress indicator

One of the quickest ways to drive people away from your online store is to overload the customer journey with multiple steps. It’s asking for extra contact information. It’s having a pop up that’s not relevant to what they’re looking for. Odds are the consumer simply wants to buy the item as quickly as possible.

This issue can be addressed with a progress indicator on all checkout pages. This provides an indication of where they are in the purchasing journey and could appear as a timeline to show they’ve filled in their delivery address and now all they have to do is fill in payment details.

By showing customers where they are in the checkout journey, you’ve got rid of any anxiety about the idea that buying from you is going to take more time than they’ve got to spare.

2. Offer multiple payment options

Another way to reduce shopping cart abandonment is to offer multiple payment options at the checkout stage and keep in mind the type of currency and method that your audience prefers.

For example, Gen Z consumers are drawn towards making payments with apps such as Apple Pay (49%).

This means that you should include all the types of payment methods that your target demographic prefers and could include credit card, PayPal, Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Another important payment method to be aware of is Klarna, which lets shoppers buy products without paying upfront. Instead, they can pay for their purchases in four interest-free instalments every two weeks or can pay the whole amount within 30 days.

The more payment options you provide, the better prepared you’ll be to eliminate cart abandonment.

3. Use targeted exit pop-ups

If a consumer had decided to abandon a cart, then one of the quickest ways that you could keep them on-site is to use an exit-intent pop up. This would automatically be triggered before leaving your eCommerce store and could include a reminder that they still have items in their cart.

You could take it a step further by using a personalised pop up to incentivise the consumer with a discount code.

4. Include a guest checkout option

With people having more choice than ever before on where and how to shop, it’s important that you give them the tools to make a purchase as quickly as possible. A good way to do this is to provide a guest checkout option, where it isn’t required to create an account to buy products.

By having a guest checkout option, you’ll streamline the customer journey and make it easier for consumers to buy an item. As an added bonus, they may return for future business and could even create an account in the future to take advantage of any loyalty programmes on offer.

5. You can’t beat a good call to action 

We’d also recommend featuring strong calls-to-action (CTAs) on all of your checkout pages to reinforce the message of encouraging a consumer to complete their purchase. This could be as simple as a personalised banner that reminds the shopper they have an item waiting in their basket.

Keep in mind that all your CTAs should be consistent across the checkout pages. This is important because you want to create a seamless experience across your store and if the language was to suddenly change on a different page, then it may be jarring to a prospect.

As part of this consistency, use strong, active language. This could be ‘Make a purchase now’ or ‘Checkout here.’ Remember to keep on testing the CTAs to see what works and what doesn’t.

6. Tap into remarketing to bring shoppers back

If a consumer chooses to abandon their cart, all is not lost. You still have the opportunity to welcome them back through a remarketing campaign. Remarketing enables you to show targeted ads to people who’ve already visited your store and connect with them across multiple platforms and devices.

Instagram (owned by Facebook) is a great place to use retargeting ads, as the platform is highly visual, and you can tap into the aspirational qualities of your products that first attracted people to them.

Google ads is another good remarketing platform, especially with products that may not be as visually attractive, and you’ll be able to convey their unique properties.

Lower shopping cart abandonment with PureClarity

By embracing these techniques, you’ll be in a stronger position to create a frictionless shopping experience and lower cart abandonment rate.

At PureClarity, we offer a range of ecommerce features that can streamline the customer journey, reduce shopping cart abandonment and ultimately drive more conversions. From encouraging people to spend more time on your site, to increasing average order value, the benefits are endless.

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