Advanced AI Recommender Engine

Increase Average Order Value by 15.6% using AI-based personalized recommenders and enriched personalized visual merchandising

PureClarity’s Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) determines which recommenders are the most relevant to the visitor on each page of your website. The AI Recommender Engine orchestrates when and where on the page to present each recommender for maximum conversion.


Automated AI Recommender Placement

PureClarity’s AI Engine profiles visitors’ current and past behavior and chooses the most appropriate and relevant recommender type to show to the individual. The AI is aware of the page in which it places recommenders and optimizes recommendations so that duplicate content is not shown.

  • AI engine orchestrates the best recommendation strategy for each visitor
  • PureClarity Cold Start feature works with sparse data sets
  • Works 24/7 without any manual intervention
  • The AI can evaluate which manual recommenders are on page to ensure no recommenders duplicated
  • The AI engine presents recommenders in the best position on the most relevant page for maximum conversion
  • Optimized for both B2C and B2B with different recommendation strategies depending on the profile of your customers

Automated Advanced AI Recommenders

PureClarity’s AI continuously collects and analyzes real-time data from every visitor interaction on your site in real-time and uses this data to deliver a truly personalized experience as your visitors browse.

  • AI chooses most relevant products, categories & brands to feature in recommendations
  • AI learns behavior of the crowd, customer segments and the individual
  • AI uses viewing & buying habits, product associations, demographics and predictive behavior
  • Dynamic and real-time AI Recommendations across all page types to promote relevant products to the individual to automatically upsell and cross-sell
  • Personalized AI recommenders can be placed anywhere on your website
  • 30+ recommender types available
  • ‘Build your own recommenders’ to add to the personalization mix
Fully Automated

All of PureClarity’s recommenders are fully automated with the option to override for more control.

30+ Recommender Types

Choose from over 30 different product, category or brand recommenders - or let the Artificial Intelligence choose for you!

Get Personal

Personalize Any Page & Any Zone

PureClarity enables you to place personalized merchandising zones featuring recommenders, banner images, carousels or HTML throughout the entire user journey on your website including Home Page, Product Pages, Category Pages, Basket, Order Confirmation Page, Mega Menu, Global, My Recommendations Page and many more..

The results

Increase in Revenue and Sales Conversions

Personalization within Search, Merchandising and Email, you'll agree that the results speak for themselves...

increase in revenue
increase in conversions
increase in average order value
  • Increased Online Revenue by 26%
  • Increased Sales Conversions by 71%
  • Increased Average Order Value by 16%

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