Gain deep insight into your customers' behavior and create customer segments to maximize revenue

PureClarity’s powerful Big Data analytics provides in-depth data about your visitors’ behavior along with the performance of your personalization within search, merchandising and email marketing.

Deep Insight into Visitor Behavior

Real-time Big Data Analytics

PureClarity’s collects and analyzes onsite and offsite visitor behavior and interactions on your site including:

  • Products, categories & brands viewed
  • Products, categories & brands purchased
  • All searches performed and conversions
  • Pages viewed
  • Visitor’s location & device
  • Onsite & offsite orders
  • Individual visitor frequency & habits

Then in real-time you can gain valuable insight into the performance of your on-site recommenders, personalization within site search, behavioral merchandising campaigns and personalized email marketing.

Deep Analytics

Personalization Within Search Performance

Personalization Within Search Analytics shows the total number of searches made and the top search terms within those results. PureClarity will analyze which products have been shown within the search via AI search recommenders and provide full details on how those AI recommenders have performed. PureClarity analyzes includes which products have been bought and which AI search recommenders have converted to a sale.

Deep Analytics

Merchandising Performance

Merchandising Performance analytics shows a number of KPIs for orders, visits, bounces and conversions for different Segments plus a range of other metrics over a selected period including:

  • Top Viewed/Bought Products
  • Total Value of Purchases
  • Average Order Value
  • Total Abandoned Baskets
  • Best Performing Behavioral Merchandising Zones (BMZ)
  • Best Performing Personalized Campaigns
  • Conversion Rates
Monitor & Report

Email Marketing Performance

PureClarity’s email performance reports show a real-time snapshot of email statistics for your campaigns that embed our AI recommenders. The statistics show:

  • Open & Click Rate
  • Order Total
  • Average Order Value
  • Conversion Rate
Measuring Return

ROI Analysis

Analytics shows you which search terms, recommendations, promotions and campaigns are giving you the best return that are directly attributable to PureClarity.

Dig Deeper

Analytics by Segment, Date & Device

You can slice the analytics data by customer segment, date and device to get a detailed understanding of what your visitors and customers are doing and when.

Standard Customer Segments

Out-of-the-box segments to report against and use in search rules, campaigns and email broadcasts.

  • First Time Visitor
  • Returning Visitor – No Purchase
  • Returning Customer - One Purchase
  • Returning Customer - Two Purchases
  • Returning Customer - Multiple Purchase
  • Never Bought
  • VIP Customer
  • High Spender
  • High Ticket Item Buyer
  • Low Ticket Item Buyer
  • Abandoned Cart Customer
  • Frequent Visitor
  • 3 Months Since Last Purchase
  • 6 Months Since Last Purchase
  • Off-The-Grid (Lost Customers)
  • And More...

You can add many more and further refine with current browsing activity and external referral source (e.g. AdWord).

Advanced Customer Segments

Setup niche segments for highly-targeted personalized campaigns & email campaigns.

  • Related Products not Bought
  • Buy Again
  • Brand and Category Preferences
  • Time based Purchases
  • Previously Viewed Product, Brand or Category Not Yet Bought
  • Previously Bought Product, Brand or Category
  • Returning Customer - Order Over X
  • Time based Visits
  • Past Searches
  • Past Search but not Purchased
  • Demographics Based (User Data)
Do More Analysis & Reporting

Export Behavioral Data

You can export your behavioral data to do more detailed analysis and reporting of behavioral trends, buying habits, conversion rates and campaign successes.

Either export to a spreadsheet or use the PureClarity API to feed your data analytics tools.  Discover hidden behaviors and untapped customer segments for personalized targeting.

Leverage the power of Big Data

PureClarity gives you deep insight into your visitors' behavior and you can use this big data to create highly-targeted personalized campaigns, search results and send relevant emails to individuals.

Leverage the power of Big Data

PureClarity gives you deep insight into your visitors' behavior and you can use this big data to create highly-targeted personalized campaigns, search results and send relevant emails to individuals.

The results

Increase in Revenue and Sales Conversions

Personalization within Search, Merchandising and Email, you'll agree that the results speak for themselves...

increase in revenue
increase in conversions
increase in average order value
  • Increased Online Revenue by 26%
  • Increased Sales Conversions by 71%
  • Increased Average Order Value by 16%

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