Audience Segmentation

Increase online revenue by 26% using PureClarity's AI-based personalization

Audience Segments are used to present relevant and personalized recommendations, targeted banners and images to groups of individuals with similar behaviors and interests.

Machine Learning Algorithm,

Big Data Collection & Artificial Intelligence

At the heart of PureClarity are its big data collection engine and machine learning algorithms that predict your website visitors’ likes of products, categories and brands based on similar users’ behavior in real-time.

PureClarity collects behavioral data from every single website visitor including views, purchases, searches and even time of day or amount spent. This data is then analyzed and PureClarity identifies relationships between different audience segments and the products that you sell online.

Target Groups of Customers

Personalized Segments

With PureClarity, you can present different personalized merchandising campaigns to different audience segments as they browse your website. You can choose to run PureClarity ‘hands-off’ and it will use its powerful AI engine to personalize the experience based on a number of default segments provided in PureClarity’s admin dashboard. However, you can choose further optimize PureClarity by defining your own segments or extending those configured by PureClarity using a large range of behavioral and CRM-based conditions. Conditions including time habits, visits, favorite brands or average order value, time since last order.

Once your segments have been set up, you can target each audience segment by creating personalized campaigns across your website. You may decide to show a different home page banner to first-time visitors, special basket promotion to VIP customers or offer 20% off during a seasonal period for all customers who have not made a purchase in the last 6 months.  The options are endless!

Lucy, 62, Boston, USA

Loves Homewares. Regular shopper who spends average $70 per month.

Currently in New York (Raining)

David, 24, Los Angeles, USA

Loves Music & Gadgets, Likes Men's Clothes. Spends average $130 per month.

Currently in Santa Monica (Sunny)

Jeremy, 37, London, UK

Loves Gardening, Likes Candles & Accessories. Spends average $70 per month.

Currently in London (Raining)

Create Your Own

Custom Conditions

Whilst PureClarity takes care of collecting and analyzing behavioral data, we understand that you will have collected a large amount of demographical data from your customers over the years. PureClarity allows you to seamlessly blend this data by importing relevant audience attributes, such as gender or location, and using these as custom conditions to create new segments.

There is no limit to the amount of campaigns you can set up. From setting up different personalized Mother’s Day campaigns for Sons and Daughters to targeting evening shoppers who have a £30 average order with an offer when they spend over £45.

Personalize using...

You can enhance the 1-1 personalized user's experience using the variables to promote and filter search & merchandising results personally to the individual...

Weather & Season
City & Location
Current & Past Browsing
Current & Past Searches
Purchase Behavior
Cart Contents
Age & Gender
Time Habits
Likes & Dislikes
Email Campaigns
AdWords Campaign
Visitor's Device
Target Customers Offline

Export User Segments

PureClarity allows you deliver seamless campaigns across your website’s merchandising and email marketing by giving you the ability to export customer data for each segment. As soon as you set up your audience segments they will begin collecting data from customers that match each segment variable, within the PureClarity dashboard you can then choose to export email addresses for each segment to create segmented email marketing lists or retargeting lists.

Get Started With

Out-of-the-Box Segments

To get you started, your PureClarity dashboard comes pre-configured with useful and proven out-of-the-box segments. The pre-configured segments include behavioral audiences such as First Time Visitor, Returning Visitor Not Bought, Multi-time Customer, VIP Customers, Off the Grid.  We also have an ‘everyone’ segment – utilized when a visitor doesn’t fall into your configured personalized segments.  You are in complete control and can, therefore, edit/delete pre-configured segments or add as many new segments as you wish to build campaigns to cross-sell, up-sell and build awareness.

Standard Customer Segments

Out-of-the-box segments to report against and use in search rules, campaigns and email broadcasts.

  • First Time Visitor
  • Returning Visitor – No Purchase
  • Returning Customer - One Purchase
  • Returning Customer - Two Purchases
  • Returning Customer - Multiple Purchase
  • Never Bought
  • VIP Customer
  • High Spender
  • High Ticket Item Buyer
  • Low Ticket Item Buyer
  • Abandoned Cart Customer
  • Frequent Visitor
  • 3 Months Since Last Purchase
  • 6 Months Since Last Purchase
  • Off-The-Grid (Lost Customers)
  • And More...

You can add many more and further refine with current browsing activity and external referral source (e.g. AdWord).

Advanced Customer Segments

Setup niche segments for highly-targeted personalized campaigns & email campaigns.

  • Related Products not Bought
  • Buy Again
  • Brand and Category Preferences
  • Time based Purchases
  • Previously Viewed Product, Brand or Category Not Yet Bought
  • Previously Bought Product, Brand or Category
  • Returning Customer - Order Over X
  • Time based Visits
  • Past Searches
  • Past Search but not Purchased
  • Demographics Based (User Data)
The results

Increase in Revenue and Sales Conversions

Personalization within Search, Merchandising and Email, you'll agree that the results speak for themselves...

increase in revenue
increase in conversions
increase in average order value
  • Increased Online Revenue by 26%
  • Increased Sales Conversions by 71%
  • Increased Average Order Value by 16%

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