Engineering Tooling Distributor

Cutwel is a family owned business and one of the UK’s largest independent engineering tooling distributors, employing over 50 people.

James Maack, Digital Marketing Supervisor for Cutwel, highlighted a number of key pain points that were negatively impacting online sales. Cutwel required a SaaS site search solution that was powerful enough to manage its large product portfolio whilst delivering highly relevant results.

Cutwel’s requirements were for the ability for customers to search using product codes or synonyms, advanced reporting for search terms yielding a zero or single result, a reduction in a currently high exit rate on search results pages and an increase average order value for customers

Cutwel achieved ROI in a matter of months with PureClarity!
Increase in Conversion
Increase in Average Order Value
Increased Transactions via Search

The Perfect Partnership

PureClarity was selected due to its market leading personalization feature, highly intelligent search function, understanding of the B2B industry and ability to integrate with Cutwel’s existing platform.

Cutwel’s customers are now presented with highly relevant, personalized search results based on their previous behavior and the behavior of similar customers, whether they have misspelled a word, used a synonym or searched by product code. Search results are loaded in lightning fast speed, load times have decreased by an impressive 37%.

In addition, Cutwel is enjoying the following features:

  • Automated multi-faceted filters
  • Automated multi-faceted filters
  • Lightning fast page speeds
  • Advanced real-time reporting
  • Multiple search rules, allowing Cutwel to promote certain products, set up synonyms and eliminate any ‘no results’ keywords

All supported by PureClarity’s highly secure and scalable infrastructure.

“Having such a vast number of products in a competitive industry means we need to ensure our customers can find the products they are looking for quickly and easily. PureClarity has enabled us to do exactly that! Our search is now lightning fast, and our customers have fed back how intuitive the whole journey has now become.”
James Maack, Digital Marketing Supervisor

A Closer Look