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Internet Gardener, established in 2006, is a trusted supplier of Garden Furniture, BBQs, Muck Boots and much more. With a multi-million pound turnover, Internet Gardener has ambitious growth plans for its online retail offering and aims to increase revenue, average order value and ecommerce conversion rate.

Internet Gardener’s online traffic has been growing steadily for a number of years, however, the conversion rate remained static. After an internal review of the website’s performance, it became clear that customers were struggling to find the products they were searching for resulting in a high exit rate after search.

The company initially considered an internal project to develop a feature-rich site search, however, after an evaluation of the investment required, began analyzing SaaS offerings.

Internet Gardener required a powerful and feature-rich ecommerce search solution that was also cost-effective and capable of handling large peaks in online traffic. As the website is built on a bespoke .NET ecommerce platform, ease, and flexibility of the integration were also key.

Following a live demonstration of PureClarity and review of the onboarding process, Internet Gardener proceeded with the Personalized Site Search module including customer segmentation and analytics.

Internet Gardener’s revenue via search increased by 40.1% after implementing PureClarity!
Increase in Conversion
Increase in Average Order Value
Increased Transactions via Search

From Selection to Go Live in Days!

Following sign off, PureClarity was implemented and live on Internet Gardener’s solution in a matter of days. In addition to delivering highly relevant search results, website visitors are now presented with a personalized autocomplete function from the second they begin typing, automated multi-faceted filters and redirects linking terms such as ‘help’ to the correct URL.

A further requirement was the ability to scale the software’s infrastructure up or down depending on the levels of traffic associated with the website. As Internet Gardener receive high peaks in summer traffic, it was imperative that the chosen solution had the ability to handle large volumes of traffic without fluctuations in speed – PureClarity was able to deliver exactly that!

“PureClarity offers the latest personalization and AI techniques to rapidly growing ecommerce retailers at a price that is easily affordable! We love that the software offers multiple types of integration and the support is second to none!”
Stephen Stone, Internet Gardener

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