Jewel Street



JewelStreet hand-picks over five hundred talented designers and artisans for their online jewellery platform. With high-quality, unique and hand-crafted pieces, JewelStreet is a retailer that wants to give each of its creator’s pieces a home for life.

JewelStreet needed a personalization service that would be easy and straightforward to implement. Because of its emphasis on customer service, JewelStreet wanted an implementation which would be as stress-free and simple as possible, with the ability to have multiple stores so they could serve their worldwide customer base. They needed a solution which would give them personalization, made easy.

83% Increase in total order value within the first 6 months of implementation.

Personalization made easy!

As it turned out, PureClarity and JewelStreet have a lot in common: we both want to provide our customers with the easiest, most straightforward answer to their questions. For JewelStreet, this means showing the right piece, to the right person, at the right time. For PureClarity, it means being able to make personalization as easy as possible.

After consulting with their Success Manager, JewelStreet decided to stick with an AI-heavy approach. Why not let the AI do the hard work, and sit back and watch the rewards roll in?

PureClarity was quickly implemented across all three JewelStreet stores. After an initial data-gathering period, the AI was deployed in various key points across JewelStreet sites. By pulling browsing, viewing and purchasing behaviour data from their customers over a large span of time, the PureClarity AI was able to create relevant content recommendations for every customer, while JewelStreet could continue to focus on customer service, quality jewellery sourcing, and content creation.

The results speak for themselves: an increase 83% in total order value over the past six months; in one month, over 6% of the revenue was directly attributable to PureClarity recommenders. Average conversion rate has tripled across all three sites. By providing JewelStreet customers with the jewellery that was right for them, PureClarity had a dramatic impact on site performance, revenue and conversion rate. In the meantime, JewelStreet was able to continue doing what they do best: making their customers happy.

“It has been a pleasure working with PureClarity and the platform has delivered real value to our business with increased revenue within the first six months. Their support is outstanding!”
Jewel Street