Norwich City Football Club


UK Football Club

As one of the foremost football clubs in the Championship, the Canaries have a large, dedicated fanbase that’s always growing. The Canaries shop offers loyal fans the opportunity to show their support for their club, for men, women and children, selling anything from hoodies all the way to garden gnomes.

However, with such a diverse fan base and varied set of products, it was important to give each fan relevant offers. The Canary shop wanted to give each visitor to the site a shopping experience which would be perfect for them. PureClarity AI captures and analyses Big Data from website visitors based on their behaviours. The software then uses its specially designed AI Engine and Hybrid Algorithms to identify trends and patterns in the Big Data and automatically personalises the online experience with highly relevant recommenders, search results, promotions and triggered emails. However, NCFC also wanted to have the ability to add a more personal, in-depth touch for their personalization solution.

The Canary shop decided on a three-prong approach, customizing search, adding merchandizing campaigns and topping it all off with email campaigning. By pairing PureClarity’s AI with hands-on segmentation of their customers by age, gender, and location, each visitor to the site had a unique, tailored customer journey that was perfect for them. All of this was accomplished within a tight 6-week schedule, to give NCFC their best Christmas season yet.

NCFC’s enjoyed a 41% increase in average order value after implementing PureClarity!
Increase in Revenue
Increase in Conversion Rate

Results & Insights that drive the Online Strategy!

The results were beyond even the high expectations NCFC had to begin with: a 41% increase in average order value, 202% increase in conversion rate, and revenue increasing by 83% for the Christmas period. All these benefits culminated in an ROI of 257%.

PureClarity went above and beyond increasing revenue and conversion and gave NCFC insights into what their customers wanted. By analysing their customer searching and buying behaviour with PureClarity, NCFC were able to find out what customers are searching for but not finding, resulting in an informed merchandising procurement activity. Soon we’ll be seeing merchandise we’ve not seen before! With products they never thought of providing, but the data tell them what their customers are looking for.

“PureClarity offers the latest personalization and AI techniques to rapidly growing ecommerce retailers at a price that is easily affordable! We love that the software offers multiple types of integration and the support is second to none!”
Norwich City Football Club