The Royal British Legion


UK Charity for British Armed Forces

The Poppy Shop is the online store for The Royal British Legion, all purchases made from the Poppy Shop helps to fund the work of the Legion.

During peak times, the website receives over 5 million page views from over 100 countries. Whilst website traffic continues to increase, The Royal British Legion identified that although a large proportion of their users engaged with their on-site search, the % exit rate following site searches was high.

Customer satisfaction and website usability is extremely important to The Royal British Legion, therefore the company began reviewing smart search options to enable their customers to find the products they were looking for faster.

The Royal British Legion’s requirements were for a robust search solution capable of handling large volumes of traffic from around the world. The solution had to be responsive and present highly relevant products in a matter of milliseconds to each visitor.

8% of monthly revenue from the Poppy Shop can be attributed to personalized recommenders exclusively provided by PureClarity!
Increase in Revenue via Search
Increase in Average Order Value
Increase in Sales Conversions

Intelligent Search

Following a quick implementation, PureClarity began optimizing the website’s on-site search experience, instantly. Due to the addition of a best practice search box, the number of sessions that included site search increased 29.9% whilst % of search exit rates has decreased by 9.8%.

Customers are not only engaging with the search more, but its impact on revenue and conversion has been impressive. Since going live with PureClarity revenue generated through site search has increased by 86%, and ecommerce conversion rate via site search has increased by 71% – all as a result of delivering an optimized relevant and enjoyable search experience.

The PureClarity dashboard has enabled The Royal British Legion to understand exactly how its customers are using its search function through advanced reporting. The dashboard highlights, in real-time, any search terms that present no product results or result in a misspelling correction. Working closely with a Success Manager, The Royal British Legion has set up a number of search rules to further optimize the online experience. Rules include URL redirects, search term synonyms and product promotions, where a product is always presented at the top of the search results for a specific term.

“PureClarity has transformed the site search, producing highly relevant search results and product suggestions tailored to each of our customers with significant impact on income and average order value.”
Spokesperson, The Royal British Legion

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