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Time to Get Up Close And Personal With Your Online Customers

Joanne Burman
25th July 2019

Why The Need For Ecommerce Personalization? Too many retail businesses, despite large customer acquisition costs are still experiencing poor conversion rates, lack of customer loyalty and insight into their visitor’s onsite requirements. If your business has a poor or a static online conversion rate, the high cost to acquire new customers to your site can […]

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Four ways to make the most of the holiday season

Elena Ruiz
27th September 2018

The holiday season is one of the biggest times of the year for retailers. Many more customers than normal will flood your stores, looking for that perfect gift (or even just browsing to treat themselves!). People are more likely to spend, and more likely to spend more. Personalization is a great way to have a […]

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3 Steps to The Perfect Shopping Cart – The Basics.

Dr Paul Gibson
9th February 2017

This series of 3 posts will guide you through how to optimize your shopping cart and increase your conversions. I will talk you through the basics, upselling and finally how to re-engage customers who abandon. #1 The Basics The first post in this series is all about the basics; the fundamental things you need to […]

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How To Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

Dr Paul Gibson
6th July 2015

How To Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment Shopping cart abandonment remains a major ecommerce concern today and still provides online retailers of all sizes a rather large headache. Statistically speaking, on average only 3 out of a 100 website visitors go on to make a purchase with a large proportion of those actually abandoning the website […]

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