11th February 2020 - 4 Min Read Time

Don’t let Valentines Day be the only day you show your customers love

With February being the month of love and celebrating the tradition of Valentine’s day, what better than to start to show your customers more love and attention. But why wait for February 14th?

What do you do for the people you love? Cherish and support them and practically go the ends of the earth to help them out and be there when needed.  

Why not start to do this with your online customers this February?  Valentines Day is for one day, customer loyalty can last a lifetime.

People who feel loved online are loyal to brands

For ecommerce businesses the one person they should love is their online visitor.

The parallels with Valentines or Galentines day and loving your online customers are there. However, you must ask yourself the following question. Isn’t every visitor to your website someone with who you would love to create brand loyalty?  

The fantastic opportunity for you is that with online shopping you can show your customers this love daily.  Why limit your customer love to one day a year?

Brand loyalty is about more than “feeling the love.” Loyalty can translate into fantastic commercial benefits like repeat purchases, increased market share, and long-term revenue growth.

So just how can you show this love and show each of your online visitors that they are truly value?.  Well the answer is simple.  By providing them with a truely engaging and personalised online shopping experience.

Understand that your visitors are people

From the moment a visitor arrives on your site, the AI will already know a large amount of data about the individual. It will know their geographical location, the season they are in, what customer segment they belong to, e.g. first time visitor or returning visitor, what they have looked at and bought in the past, which marketing campaign has referred them to your site. The list goes on.  So, without any interaction with your website the AI already has a clear picture of what products and brand to recommend that will create a great online experience and drive sales.

Exceed your customer’s needs

An important role when building a relationship with a new customer is being able to understand what the customers needs are. Whether this is through understanding past behaviour and buying patterns or whether this is from predicting what they are searching for, the ability to spotlight what they need is critical.

Ecommerce personalisation allows you to create bespoke offers and promotions to each of your customer segments which they will see the moment they arrive. A good example of this is for first time visitors a simple welcome message goes  a long way or promotional offers on items that first time visitors tend to buy will surely engage them to continue browsing. If visitors search for a specific item, it is easy to ensure they see a relevant promotional banner on the search results pages encouraging them to buy. 

The deeper their needs and desires you speak to, the more loyalty you can create.

Create the best online experience

With ecommerce personalisation it is possible to personalise every step of the buying journey from the homepage, search pages, product pages, basket and checkout through to email order confirmation and follow up campaigns.  Using a combination of relevant offers and promotional banners in addition to AI driven relevant recommenders will ensure maximum conversion and love for your brand.

Chances are people don’t know exactly what they are looking for when they arrive at your site.  AI driven ecommerce personalisation will help people find what they are looking for based on what they are searching for, what is trending within their customer segment and the site as a whole. In addition, all the data that the AI has from any previous visits will allow the AI to show them products and brands that they love.

A great online experience paves the way to brand loyalty and love. If you customers feel that you understand what they need, they will always come back for more.

A personalised thank you goes a long way

How many times do you get that warm feeling when you go into a bricks and mortar store and the shop assistant gives you undivided attention?  How many times do you appreciate the fact that the store assistant recognises you by name when you arrive and make you feel that your custom is appreciated?  It’s good isn’t it!  Those true valued shopping experiences are easily translated online.

Thanking customers is a proven method of showing customer love. With ecommerce personalisation this can easily be achieved by offering your repeat customers offers and promotions that only they see. Personalised email is one of the most powerful ways to reengage with your customers. Emailing thank you order confirmations,  abandoned basket follow ups or when you have a seasonal campaign running,  showing exclusive offers and products they will love. Remember that old saying – a thank you goes a long way.  A long way to adding to your bottom line.

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