13th June 2017 -

Ecommerce Personalization and its effect on online sales

The question on every Marketing Manager’s mind is ‘How does ecommerce personalization effect online sales?
Customer’s ever growing demand for better user experiences has led to the growth in the collection, analysis and use of big data to tailor online experiences.

According to eMarketer, the amount of ecommerce sales worldwide is projected to reach $2trillion next year (2015), a huge increase of 17.7%, this coupled with improved UX, ecommerce design and responsive development means the competition to find, keep and recover customers is greater than ever.

Personalization enables Marketers and Website Managers to deliver a fine-tuned experience, in-line with campaigns and seasonal activity. The best systems out there collect data and present offers and products automatically, which means you don’t have to worry about constant management or lengthy training courses.

Currently, 2 out of 3 of the leading ecommerce companies are not yet offering personalization. The fact is that as more and more companies adopt personalization, the more customers will expect it and frustrations will arise when a website has seemingly no tailoring at all.