10th August 2018 -

Buyer’s guide to ecommerce personalization 2018

The buyer’s guide to ecommerce personalization 2018

Working in partnership with Smart Insights, PureClarity has created a comprehensive buyer’s guide to ecommerce personalization. Providing market best practices and top tips this guide covers all aspects that need considering when selecting the right platform for your business.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a popular buzz word in recent years and successful consumer goods such as the Echo Dot Alexa by Amazon has brought AI into our homes through conversational AI.  What was once deemed a futurist concept of machine learning has become an everyday occurrence both in the workplace and at home.  The transition into an era of AI and machine learning has been seamless to the end consumer. What AI has created however is an excitement and expectation around what’s now available and what is around the corner from a technology delivery point of view.

This expectation of technological advancement in the market has formed the end consumers buying habits online.  Consumers now coming across flat vanilla websites that show a ‘one view fits all approach’ will bounce high and straight to another site that provides all the flavours under the sun.

The data revolution is here, and data is the wearing a currency king crown!  Businesses whether B2B or B2C know that providing a good customer experience online is key to retaining and growing a loyal customer base. The challenge however for many is knowing where to start. Although companies today have access to a wealth of customer data, the main challenges appear to manifest in interpreting this data into a meaningful customer personalization strategy and finding a solution that is easy to use, won’t require additional headcount to manage and provides meaningful insights which can feed into their overall marketing strategy.

Improving your online customer experience

It is apparent that many businesses are still experiencing key pain points that they cannot overcome when analysing their customers online behaviour. High bounce rate, poor search click through, low average order value, high basket abandonment rate, low repeat visitor numbers, low propensity to engage with offers and promotions, the list goes on.

Implementing an effective ecommerce personalization strategy can be one of the most cost beneficial decisions you can make towards increasing your online revenue, improving your online conversion and building a loyal and happy customer base.

There are several providers in the market who offer ecommerce personalization services, each slightly different to the other in terms of service provision, support, cost structure and additional flexible management services. Knowing which to choose can be a time-consuming effort so PureClarity in conjunction with Smart Insights have created a complete buyer guide to assist you when choosing an ecommerce personalization platform that is right for you.

It’s important to think about what you want to achieve from your ecommerce personalization provider. How do you customers use your website? Do they use your product search or main navigation menus?  Do you have a high bounce rate for first time visitors?

Ideally you need to know that a provider will take care of your data and interpret this into actionable insights that you can use.  Some platforms are manual which overall can be time consuming and other can be vague as to the rationale behind their invoicing figures. It’s important to know that you have full control over how long you spend on your ecommerce personalization and how this is going to affect your bottom line up to the penny.

Other considerations include how easy are these personalization platforms to integrate with your ecommerce platform.  You may need to lean on your developers for help with this and this could be tricky as they are probably massively over stretched as it is.  On the flipside it’s important to feel assured that you will be assigned a dedicated support team when onboarding. The last thing any company wants is to feel as though they have fallen into a support ticketing system abyss.

Helping you make the right choice with this buyer’s guide

This buyer’s guide provides a complete insight into the various aspects of ecommerce personalization that need to be considered. Not only does it provide valuable insight into different ways to personalize but also provides best practices for implementation.  Covering best practices for defining your goals and measuring success, prioritizing your audiences and how and where the recommendations they are served through to email, onboarding and support. Whether its defining your customer groups into one or a hundred different segments, or whether its understanding the best ways to personalise your site and which areas of web real estate to cover this guide has it all.

This guide not only covers your website but also looks at omnichannel personalization options and additional features primarily needed on merchant websites.  From a supplier perspective the guide highlights the key areas that should be on your wish list when it comes to the services offered. Ensuring that there are no hidden extra costs such as set up fees or a pick and mix menu which can quickly escalate your monthly bill, this report provides an excellent check list for you to use and compare if needed.

Ecommerce personalization should be an intricate cog in your well-oiled marketing machine. Adopting an AI based platform that will churn your big data, constantly learning and marketing to your customers, will prove invaluable. The insights that the AI will provide will allow you or your marketing team to carry on with their day to day deliverables and allow them to use these insights to overlay relevant and timely marketing campaigns to key customer groups.

The results will speak for themselves. Providing your customers with personalized shopping experiences will impact on your ecommerce revenue, your online conversion rate, your average order value and the number of repeat visitors you will see on your site month on month.

Download your free buyer’s guide to Ecommerce Personalization here

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