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5 Ecommerce Tricks to Win the Hearts of Your Customers This Valentine’s Day

Historical Valentine’s Day and predictions for 2022 

The new year comes with fresh ideas, new trends, and more marketing opportunities. With Valentine’s Day only a month away, ecommerce businesses and marketers need to start thinking about how to win the hearts of their online visitors. 

Before we get started with our five ecommerce marketing techniques to stand out this Valentine’s Day, let’s spend some time looking at the previous years and predictions for 2022. 

2020’s v-day experienced a huge surge in spending both online and offline shopping. Globally, during this time, the average person spent $196 (which equates to an average order value of £142 approximately), totaling to $27.4 billion. Although, Covid-19 was very much around at this time, global lockdowns were not yet enforced, so people were still out and about partaking in traditional romantic activities, bumping up the total spending during this holiday. 

As the pandemic continued to spread in 2021, total spending took a 20% drop totaling to an overall spend of $21.8 billion. This drop can be attributed to the fact that many countries were in national lockdowns, experiencing restrictions, or taking serious precautions and celebrating the global holiday in the safety of their own homes. 

Overall marketers need to be aware that Valentine’s Day is becoming more popular, opening up yet another big opportunity for businesses to draw in a higher volume of sales and acquire new customers. Statista’s survey shows that St Valentine’s day will most definitely be celebrated in style this year, with 68% of men and 60% of women saying that they will be purchasing gifts for their significant others and loved ones. 

With this in mind, let us play matchmaker between you and your customers and show you which tactics will help you woo their custom in the lead up to the day of love. 

Want to optimise your digital customer experience?

Customer Segmentation 

Most marketers are aware of the importance of customer segmentation. It is the heart of any great marketing campaign. And the rationale behind this is due to the fact that 72% of consumers will only engage with businesses that provide personalised messaging that is relevant to them and their needs in that moment – segmentation is how businesses achieve this. 

Segmentation is the process of grouping online consumers by common characteristics, making it easier to hone in on targeted messaging, to enhance the chances of conversion. These characteristics can include things like age, gender, income, location, buying behaviour, and more. The criteria can be set based on the objectives you wish to meet. The best way to decide what campaigns are going to drive the most conversions and revenue can be decided based on your customer data and analytics. 

In the lead up to the 14th February, try creating a segment for customers who shopped with you last year for gifts, to ensure that you can retarget them with your latest Valentine’s Day campaigns, products and offers. You could send them an email campaign highlighting your ‘most romantic gifts’ or ‘last year’s best sellers’.  

Another useful customer segment to look into would be one for VIP customers. Create a segment for your most loyal customers and target them with special offers and limited time deals, or gift cards as a reward for their loyalty – this could be your Valentine’s gift to your customers. This kind of campaign could take the form of a personalised banner or maybe a pop-up. 

In addition to these two segments, it would be worth looking into visitors who have recently browsed your Valentine’s products in the recent weeks or have added products to their baskets but not yet purchased, so you can persuade them to commit and make the purchase. Create a campaign that offers them an incentive, such as; free delivery which is guaranteed to arrive before the 14th February or 10% off. 

PureClarity makes creating and finding the right customer segments super easy with our segment explorer.

Personalised product recommendations 

Roses are red, 
Violets are blue. 
Customers want relevant recommendations, 
Is this something you do? 

In order to drive more sales, increase average order value, and improve customer loyalty this Valentine’s Day, it is essential that you are showing your customers products that are relevant to them at that moment. 

Time and timing is critical. Did you know that the average human attention span has fallen from 12 to 8 seconds? Meaning that the room for error is small. 

Online consumers want to find what they are looking for fast or else they will bounce. Personalised product recommendations enable businesses to cut down on browsing time to speed up the sale. In fact, 91% of consumers are more inclined to shop with brands that suggest relevant recommendations. 

Yes product recommendations are great, but AI personalised product recommendations are the tool to help you go that one step even further in improving customer experience. Just to put this into perspective; AI-driven product recommendations are the cupid of the ecommerce world. They possess magical powers to help your customers fall in love with your brand and its products. 

Personalised Recommenders on Product Page

On a more serious note, the AI uses machine learning to depict what products your customers are looking for based on previous and current behaviour on and off site. This data then adapts in real-time, to ensure that the products being shown are always relevant. 

Many of our clients have found that placing AI product recommendations all over their site helps them increase all ecommerce metrics. These areas can include within search, email campaigns, homepage, basket page, product pages, and more. One of our clients has recently experienced a 43.9% uplift in AOV and another has seen a 81.73% uplift in AOV from PureClarity’s AI-driven product recommendations alone. 

Get ahead of the competition and spread love this Valentine’s Day through intelligent AI product recommendations. It is a great opportunity to highlight key products and lines. 

For instance, you could place a product recommendation to improve product awareness on the homepage, labelled ‘perfect gift ideas for your loved ones’. From this you could then place an additional AI product recommender on product pages to promote upsells and cross-sells – ‘complete the gift with…’ or ‘others also bought’ and show complementary products. 

Businesses also need to be aware that v-day is not for everyone, consider promoting self-love or friendship – ‘treat yourself this Valentine’s Day’ and ‘Galentine’s gifts’ product recommendations. 

Personalised content 

This Valentine’s Day view your ecommerce store like an online dating profile. Your customers are on the search for their perfect match (the perfect v-day gift or treat). This is where personalised content comes into play. It allows you to be your customer’s perfect online retailer match no matter what they are looking for at that moment, you can adapt your content based on their taste and preferences – be your customers match made in ecommerce heaven! 

86 percent of customers and 96 percent of retailers say that personalisation impacts purchasing decisions. Providing customers with content relevant to them makes them more likely to buy, return, and leave a positive review.

Personalised content can come in many shapes and sizes. It can be anything from a dynamic homepage banner highlighting the latest deals, a product carousel on product pages, to good old fashioned searchandising. Great ecommerce personalisation tools, like PureClarity, include a variety of content templates to choose from, A/B testing tools, and customer segmentation, to optimise your personalised content and ensure optimal results. 

Our clients are experiencing great success from implementing personalised content on their websites – one has seen an increase in AOV by 74.64% from using our personalised image carousels banners on their homepage. 

A great strategy for Valentine’s Day would be to split your homepage into two sections. One that highlights Valentines themed products and content. Then another side that promotes self-love or the other upcoming holidays like Galentines (13th February). This way you can understand what your customer is looking for, whilst catering to both potential visitors; people looking for red roses to spoil their loved ones and people just wanting to shop for other reasons. 


‘Pop up’ to your customers this Valentine’s Day with the perfect offers, products, and messages. 

Pop-ups offer a great opportunity to connect with your customers whilst they are browsing your online store. They are good at increasing conversions, demanding attention, and are usually inexpensive, therefore, potentially offer a large return of investment (ROI). 

Although pop-ups can be labelled as intrusive, when used correctly they can also improve user experience and be a great form of communication – the knack is to know when to use them and who to show them to. 

This is where understanding customer segmentation and analysing analytics comes in handy. Marketers can utilise customer data gathered from the CRM, analytics, and other data capture softwares, to then make data-driven decisions on where best to place pop-ups, what messaging to use, and who to show them to.

If your goal is to capture customer data this Valentine’s Day, then a pop-up that appears to all customers and features a data-capture element is essential. One of our clients recently wanted to grow their email newsletter subscriptions, from implementing PureClarity’s personalised pop-ups on their homepage they have experienced a 647% increase in newsletter sign ups. 

On the other hand you might be interested in reducing cart-abandonment. In this case apply a pop-up on your checkout. Include an incentive to stay, such as; a coupon code or discount (e.g. ‘Our Valentine’s gift to you – here’s 15% off today’s purchase. Limited time only’). 

Or maybe you want to highlight your Valentine’s gift guide page. In this case you would include a pop-up, again showing to potentially all visitors, that features a clear CTA leading to your Valentine’s gift guide product page. 

Live Chat & Chatbots 

Never underestimate the power of conversational commerce – especially when it is combined with ecommerce personalisation. Conversational commerce is a common practice in the brick and mortar industry, customers regularly ask for shop assistants advice and that is an easy way to build trust. Ecommerce transactions have been known to lack human interaction and, therefore, sometimes fail to build long lasting relationships. 

Live chat and chatbots offer another avenue for customers to seek information, guidance, and build that trust that online consumers are looking for.  Research shows that customers who engage with an online businesses live chat are nearly 3 times more likely to convert, and what’s more, businesses that staff a live chat sell 10-15% more per shopping basket. According to another study 41% of customers feel live chat is the best way to communicate with a business to build trust. 

By implementing a real-time communication tool, like PureClarity’s live chat, delivering a hyper-personalised customer journey that caters to the needs and wants of unique visitors has never been easier. As it is designed specifically for ecommerce interactions, it improves user experience, increases customer loyalty, and maximises online sales, by equipping operators with all analytics and customer data needed to make executive decisions. 

Live chat is a great way to show love to your customers this Valentine’s Day. It will allow you to suggest the perfect Valentine’s gifts, Valentine’s cards, and other seasonally themed products you may offer. 

In addition to live chat, chatbots offer an alternative method for customers to acquire answers. Chatbots are typically used when operators are unavailable. They are great at offering auto-generated responses and providing auto-generated questions for customers to ask. 

Love your customers all year round with ecommerce personalisation 

Don’t let Valentine’s Day be the only day that you show love to your customers. With ecommerce personalisation in your marketing strategy you can show endless amounts of love, care and gratitude all year round. 

In this blog we have spoken about some of the tools and features that our software offers. If you are interested in selling more and winning the hearts of your customers, then get in touch with us today! 

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