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Examples of Effective Personalised Merchandising

Any ecommerce site will have areas on each page where personalised content can be used.These areas are referred to as zones. This personalised merchandising can take the form of banners, carousels, personalised product, category and brand recommendations or even HTML. Zone placement is key to maximising your conversion rate. Here we give ideas on the best place to put your zones based on proven techniques to generate more revenue.

Here are the page types discussed below:

  • Global Zone
  • Homepage
  • Category Page(s)
  • Product List Page
  • Product Page
  • Added to Basket Page or Pop-up
  • Basket
  • Order Confirmation
  • My Recommendations
  • Content Page
  • Search Results
  • Landing Page

The zone placements on the examples below are highlighted in blue.

Global Zone

You can define a Global Zone that appears on all pages. This is useful for giving promotional information to an individual depending on their segment, e.g. 50% off for first time visitors or Free Delivery within the UK for UK visitors.

Global zones on your ecommerce site


We recommend that you have at least a hero image or carousel zone on your home. We have seen clients enjoy click-to-conversion rates of circa 11% using this personalisation strategy.

We’d also suggest that you have at least 2 recommenders set to the AI setting on the homepage. In this way the software will provide personal recommendations to individuals as they visit your site.

Homepage personalization zones

Category Pages

You can setup merchandising zones for specific category pages or all pages.

Merchandising zones on category page

Product Listing Pages

The product list page shows the products within a specific category. You can configure PureClarity to show merchandising zones specifically for a product list page by category or all product listing page.

Merchandising zones on product listing page

Product Page

We suggest that you put at least 2 zones for recommenders on the product page. In this way, PureClarity will be able to give personal recommendations based on the product viewed.
You may also wish to include a zone to hold an image under the product title. The admin user can set up the default campaign and segment campaigns to show different images for different segments for individual products. This is a useful technique if you want to give a highly personalised experience around a key product or category.

Merchandising zones on product page

Add to Basket Page or Popup

You could add a zone on an ‘added to basket’ confirmation. In this way, PureClarity can suggest up-sell and cross-sell options based on individuals behaviour and current shopping habits.

Merchandising zones on Add to Basket Page


At the bottom of the basket it is worth putting at least 2 recommenders to show suggestions; PureClarity will be able to provide upselling and cross-selling suggestions using basket content and previous behaviour.

Merchandising zones on basket page

Order Confirmation

Order Confirmation is an ideal place to put at least 2 recommenders and a promotional image to the customer.

Merchandising zones on order confirmation page

My Recommedations

It is worth building a new page that includes up to 5 zones for recommenders that includes ‘My Recommendations’. PureClarity will show a variety of recommendations.

Merchandising zones on my recommendations

Content Page

You can place personalisation zones on any content page.

Merchandising zones on content page

Search Results

You may want to consider putting an image zone on the search results page and one under the filtered navigation to target customer segments.

Merchandising zones on search results pages

Landing Page

You can place personalisation zones on any landing page.

Merchandising zones on landing pages


The principles above have been shown to increase online conversions. You may want to further optimise the solution by using the A/B testing built into PureClarity.

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