The Results

When size sixteen plus women are in need of some serious retail therapy Beige provides the ultimate fix. Starting with one small shop in 2002, Beige’s owner, Leanda knew she was on her way to making a dream come true. Trained at Harrods and with a wealth of both fashion and retail experience – Wardrobe, Chic of Hampstead and Janet Fitch.

Beige Plus were looking for ways to increase their online sales and average order value. Being as busy as they are Beige Plus wanted to heavily rely on the AI within their website to orchestrate the most relevant recommenders to their visitors.

The results speak for themselves:

  • In the last month alone the AI recommenders on the homepage and product page have increased conversion by 0.7%
  • Average order value increased by 46% from August to September 2019


Upsell Product Campaigns

Beige plus offer a vast number of clothing lines which are created by many different designers. The ability to introduce brand new lines to loyal customers and display alternative products which may be of interest was enabled through the power of PureClarity’s Automated AI Recommenders.

  • Feature: AI Recommender Engine to Promote New Lines
  • Goal: Increase average order value and conversion rate

Upsell Product Campaigns

By allowing the AI to present the most appropriate recommender on each page, Beige knows that the PureClarity Recommender Engine will not only evaluate which page the recommender is on but it will review what other products are most likely to be added to basket from that location. PureClarity’s AI knows which products to upsell and which to present based on not only previous behaviors of the visitor but also those of others in the same customer segment, not forgetting also the key trends across the website as a whole.

  • Feature: AI Recommender Engine to Upsell and Cross Sell Additional Lines
  • Goal: Increase Average Order Value