The Results

Comfy Homes is a Yorkshire based home furnishings store providing their customers with the finest quality home furniture.

Their ecommerce platform is built on Magento 2 and they as a business are building up their digital tech stack to ensure that their online business stays ahead of the digital curve.

Their challenge: Closure of bricks and mortar stores meant pressure to drive customers online and maintain retail presence.

As a business their target market is predominantly females aged between 24 and 45 and mainly based in key local regions however Comfy Homes do deliver across the UK.  The instore traffic has completely stopped with the impact of the pandemic and competition in this field is quickly becoming more aggressive. and their key direct competitors in this retail space are Outlet Mirrors, Comfy Sleep Yorkshire. Wider competitors include Wayfair and Homesdirect365. 

One of the main objectives for Comfy Homes was to offer a more relevant and engaging shopping experience for their customers, almost trying to mirror the in-store experience.  With heavy reliance on selling online, Comfy Homes understood the importance of knowing their customers better, what they liked, what they were looking at and how they were behaving online. With this information given by PureClarity they were able to ensure that each website visitor saw products and promotions relevant to them and them alone.

Results of using PureClarity: Within the first 60 days of using PureClarity:

  • 20.8% of the total orders have been due to PureClarity
  • 5% increase in average order value

Personalised AI Recommenders to Upsell and Cross-sell

Feature: Automated AI Recommenders

Goal: Increase conversion and cross-sell and upsell into other products

Comfy Homes Personalised AI Recommenders to Upsell and Cross-sell

Due to the enormous number of products that Comfy Homes sells, it is important for them to be able to showcase products that visitors may be of interest based on the visitor’s preferences and what is trending. Comfy Homes wanted to make the buying process easier for their customers and has heavily adopted the use of the Automated AI to do just this. Comfy Homes overall objective is to incentivise customers to make additional purchases by seeing what other products within their range are available.

Comfy Homes set up 3 recommender campaigns to appear on the homepage, which showcases products that are trending, best sellers and products they may also like based on their previous visits.  These products change in real-time so any person shopping online will see the latest products within that category. In addition, a cross-sell recommender was also set up on each product page to showcase alternative products that people who had viewed that product also viewed.

Use of Popups to build awareness!

Feature: Personalised Popups

Goal: Incentivise customers to buy

Comfy Homes use of Popups to build awareness

Comfy Homes tactically use popups on their homepage and within basket to remind their online customers of the great offers they are currently running.

The beauty of PureClarity popups is that you can choose from the type of popup you want to show, determine which customers see it and when, and position them anywhere on your website.

What did Comfy Homes have to say about working with PureClarity?

Since working with the PureClarity platform our target is to increase sales monthly to 6 figures to make up for the loss from in store sales. PureClarity has really helped us bridge that gap through the innovative AI platform that is increasing our clients order values and sales volume on site. The various features and integrations with our Magento platform have been great. The customisation of the platform is brilliant, and we are yet to fully use all the tools the feature offers on site. The data is really supporting our paid media activity to increase performance and ROI from our key platforms. Having PureClarity onboard is helping us stay ahead of our competitors but also understand our customers better to help us grow quicker and efficiently.’