The Results

Cutwel are a British owned business who puts their customers at the heart of their operation. They are one of the UK’s largest independent engineering tooling distributors, supplying cutting tools for milling machines and lathes to a comprehensive range of engineering solutions including workholdingtool holdingmeasuring tools and lubrication.

Cutwel has a large range of products and needed to increase the average spend of their loyal customer base.  Through adopting PureClarity’s automated personalization technology the AI seamlessly present each customer with recommendations that are relevant to them. 

The results of working with PureClarity speak for themselves:

  • Conversion before PureClarity was 1.4% and after 3 months increased to 1.9%.
  • Overall conversion rate increased by 35.7%
  • Average order value increased by 7.39%
  • Overall revenue increased by 26%


Find out more about Cutwel’s experience of working with PureClarity. From the results so far through to working with the PureClarity team, James Maack, Digital Marketing Manager from Cutwel tells all.

Personalised Product Recommenders

Due to the enormous number of products that Cutwel sells, it is important for Cutwel to be able to showcase products that visitors had looked for previously and cross match them with alternative products which may be of interest. Cutwel wanted to make the buying process easier for their customers and has heavily adopted the use of the Automated AI to do just this. Cutwel’s overall objective is to incentivise customers to make bigger purchases by seeing what alternative are available.

Feature: Automated AI Recommenders

Goal: Increase conversion and cross-sell into other products

Personalised Product Recommenders

Building Product Awareness

Not only does Cutwel know that their business customers like to buy regularly from them, they also know that due to the wide range of products that they have, their customers will find it difficult to see what items are the most popular.  By introducing Best Selling recommendations on the product page based on the category they are looking at – this is a successful way for Cutwel to build that awareness and in turn increase average order value and sales.

Feature: AI Recommenders based on best-selling rule

Goal: Increase average order value and revenue. Cutwel’s product page generated 68 orders (5% of total orders) in one month purely through PureClarity’s AI recommenders.

product awareness via personalized recommenders
product awareness via personalized recommenders

Increase Average Order Value Recommenders

Cutwel knows that the opportunity to up-sell and cross-sell items to customers should be present throughout the entire buying cycle on their site. Not only does the AI present recommendations on the homepage, search results and product pages but these are also available in basket.  These recommenders are based on not only the individual’s requirements but also on other buyers who have added similar items to basket.  Cutwel are impressed with how recommenders on this part of the buying cycle successfully added items added to cart, increasing the average order value.

Feature: Basket page recommenders

Goal: Increase average order value and revenue

Increase Average Order Value Recommenders
Increase Average Order Value Recommenders