The Results

eVetDrug is a UK company owned and run by forward thinking Equine vets with over 30 years of experience in the veterinary profession and the Equine world. They are the only online Equine dedicated dispensary in the UK. Equine welfare is their priority and they believe their venture can make Equine healthcare more affordable and accessible to all.

Their aim is to provide their customers with high quality Equine medication and products at a fraction of their normal price, without compromising on service. The cost of any horse’s healthcare and medication is escalating but eVet believe they can help keep clients costs as low as possible.

eVet came onboard with PureClarity with the aim on increasing their online revenue and ensuring that their clients got access to the products most relevant to them and their horses needs. They rely heavily on the automated AI to deliver the most relevant recommender to each customer for maximum conversion.

The results speak for themselves:

  • Since implementing automated recommenders within their website eVet have experienced a 17% increase in their online conversion rate
  • 112% increase in the amount of revenue generated by PureClarity recommenders alone
  • Average monthly increase in average order value of 5%

Repeat Purchase Campaign

Through the use of automated AI recommenders eVet have implemented two sets of recommenders within their homepage.  eVets customers frequently buy a similar range of products so having a recommender at the top of the homepage which shows products that their customer has recently viewed and purchased allows customers to quickly click and add to basket.

Feature: AI Driven Automated Recommenders

Objective: Encourage repeat purchase and make it extremely easy to find products visitors will be looking for

eVet Homepage
eVet Homepage

Cross-Sell Recommender Campaign

One of the advantages of the range of products offered by eVet is that there are plenty of choice as to complimentary products to showcase when a certain product is looked at.  With PureClarity, eVet can allow the AI to pre-select the most relevant products to cross sell into which in turn not only increases the average order value but also increase revenue overall.

Feature: Advanced AI Recommender Engine

Objective: Increase conversion and average order value

eVet Product Page Recommenders
eVet Product Page Recommenders

Basket and Checkout Cross-Sell Campaigns

eVet has a vast range of products to offer and are keen to always promote their best sellers to their customers. Through PureClarity, the AI knows whether any of the best sellers promoted throughout the customers journey have been selected. If this hasn’t happened eVet are keen to push their best sellers through their online basket and checkout process.  This allows customers one more chance to see which are the best selling products and add to their basket if needed.

Feature: AI Recommender Engine

Goal: Build awareness of the bestselling products with the aim on increasing average order value and revenue

eVet Basket Page
eVet Basket Page