The Results

Born out of a fascination of French designs, textures, craftsmanship, heritage, and history, the collections of French furniture are fun and feminine – with quality at the core. The French Bedroom Company signature style is all about combining beautifully made investment pieces with eye-catching and contemporary lighting and accessories, creating inspiring interiors that are classic but playful, on-trend but timeless, and luxurious by carefree.

The results of working with PureClarity speak for themselves.

Over the last 3 months The French Bedroom Company has seen, purely from the use of AI driven recommenders on the homepage an increase in conversion of 15.4%

Up-Sell Product Campaigns

The French Bedroom Company after speaking with PureClarity realised that ecommerce personalization wasn’t a strategy they had previously considered. After being shown the functionality that PureClarity has to offer with the automated AI and the ability to overlay enriched personalized campaigns, they realised that by using ecommerce personalization could through the AI recommender engine, be more effective at selecting the right products to show to each customer.

Feature: AI Recommender Engine

Goal: Increase average order value and conversion rate

The French Bedroom Company
The French Bedroom Company