Platform: Shopify

Industry Vertical: Sporting Equipment

About gloveglu

Gloveglu, established in 2012, was born to improve the grip on gloves. Today gloveglu is a global brand that sells a range of equipment to enhance the performance of sporting fanatics. Their mission is to make gloveglu the default technology for any sport where you wear a glove.

Results over the last 30 days

Working together has proven to be extremely successful. In the last 30 days they have seen:

  • 32.3% of all orders involve PureClarity
  • 37% increase in average order value
  • 54% increase in average order value involving PureClarity recommenders
  • 68% increase in number of SKUs purchased

How has this been achieved

AI Product Recommenders

AI-driven product recommenders have been used across the entire site, placing AI recommenders on all the main pages; the homepage, basket page and product pages. Recommenders on these pages are most effective to increase AOV, conversion and overall revenue, as well as opening up the opportunity for upsells and cross sells.


Gloveglu’s use of AI recommenders on the homepage

Product pages

Gloveglu’s use of AI product recommenders on the product page

Basket page

Gloveglu’s use of AI product recommenders on the basket page

What do gloveglu have to say?

“PureClarity has become a key partner in scaling the B2C side of the business. The support and insights from the team have been superb and, having initially achieved our growth goals through AI recommenders, we are continually looking to embrace the wider PureClarity product offer to develop targetted marketing to a wider range of customers deeper across the site.”
– Paul Sherratt, Founder & CEO

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