Name: Nightingale PPE

Platform: Shopify

Industry Vertical: Medical equipment

About Nightingale PPE

Nightingale PPE was born out of the pandemic. The business was established to provide both businesses and consumers protective medical supplies and equipment such as masks, gloves, and sanitisers at an affordable price. Nightingale PPE pride themselves on their moral ethics, excellent customer service, and competitive prices. Their sole purpose is to keep their customers as safe as possible during the COVID-19 outbreak and beyond.

Challenges faced

Our partner agency Bobble Digital referred Nightingale PPE to us after they expressed a keen interest in wanting to increase their sales, conversion, and average order value, whilst gaining a competitive advantage within the market. They understood the value of adding personalisation to their site and were keen to start improving the online journeys of both their B2B and B2C audiences.

In addition, Nightingale PPE’s affordable prices means that the business is extremely busy and therefore needs a solution that requires little resources, easy to implement, and use. They wanted something that could be trusted to be automated and still deliver results.

Results since using PureClarity

Nightingale PPE started implementing our ecommerce personalisation solution at the beginning of 2021, in January, and since then have seen: 

  • 40% of their online orders involve PureClarity 
  • 60% increase in AOV 
  • 5% increase in average number of SKUs purchased involving PureClarity’s recommenders

How this has been achieved

Dynamic Personalised Banners

Since joining Nightingale PPE have wanted to personalise their site in a number of ways to increase conversions and sales. Dynamic banners offer a great opportunity to promote products and sales, increase conversion, and online sales. Currently Nightingale PPE have a big ‘back to work sale’ which they have advertised through a personalised banner on the homepage.

Nightingale PPE advertise their promotional sale through personalised banners.


Pop-ups are another great way to demand the attention of your audience and persuade them to take action. In this instance, Nightingale PPE have included a popup on their homepage to promote their ‘back to work sale’.

Nightingale PPE’s use of a pop-up campaign to draw attention to site wide sale.

Product Recommenders

Nightingale PPE wanted to increase AOV, online revenue, and conversion, product recommenders are a sure-fire way to achieve all of these ecommerce goals. They have implemented both custom and AI product recommenders across their site. 

Nightingale PPE has used custom recommenders on their homepage to highlight certain products currently on offer. Then they have made use of our AI product recommenders on pages such as their homepage to ensure that the product recommendations are mirroring the needs and wants of their customers in real-time.

Nightingale PPE implements custom product recommenders on the homepage to highlight specific products.
Nightingale PPE have made use of AI product recommenders on product listing pages to upsell and cross sell products.

Comments from Nightingale PPE

My partner and I established Nightingale PPE off the back of the pandemic. PureClarity is as an affordable ecommerce personalisation solution that allows us to stand out in the market and grow at a fast pace. Since working with PureClarity we have seen a huge increase in our average order value, overall revenue and conversion rate. Moreover, the customer service that we have received has been second to none. All the team are extremely helpful with campaign recommendations, onboarding and support. We couldn’t be happier with the results and service that PureClarity provides month on month and are extremely excited to see what the future holds.”

Dave McIntyre, Founder and CEO of Nightingale PPE

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founder of Nightingale PPE, in episode 4 of the PureClarity Podcast as he discusses how to deliver excellent customer service for both B2B and B2C journeys.