The Results

P.L.A.Y. stands for Pet Lifestyle and You. P.L.A.Y. focuses on the design, manufacturer and supply of luxury and comfortable pet beds and accessories.

By using PureClarity’s highly intelligent, self-learning Artifical Intelligence Engine, P.L.A.Y have seen:

  • Increase in average order value of 13.7%
  • Over 6.5% of their total online income is now generated from PureClarity recommenders


“We looked for personalization because we needed the capability to show users on our websites products they actually wanted. We know that personalization is the future, so we really wanted to find a company that could enable personalized product recommendations on our site. Then, we turned to PureClarity because we were drawn the one-on-one support we would receive, along with all of the different options they have for making our website more personalized.

We found PureClarity’s onboarding simple and straightforward with the Magento 1 plugin. Our success manager helped us learn the functionality and get started creating campaigns right away with regular training calls, pointing out the highlights and making tailored recommendations for what personalization strategies would work for us at P.L.A.Y.

Our results three months in are great – we’ve seen PureClarity immediately pay for itself and more, with the automatic recommenders generating 6.5% of our overall revenue. Our most recent month with them showed an increase in average order value of 13.8% which was great to see.

We love the insights of seeing where our visitors are interacting with the personalized content, understanding how they use the site and seeing what content they respond best to.

We’re excited about seeing the results continue to improve and test out new campaigns! With PureClarity, the possibilities are truly endless.”

July 2020

Cross-Sell Campaign

One of P.L.A.Y.s objectives is to be the largest supplier of quality pet beds. By ensuring that their visitors have visibility of the wide range of products on offer, they are able to ensure their customers are choosing the perfect bed for their pet. By placing intelligent AI recommenders on the product pages P.L.A.Y. have seen an increase in average order value of 13.7% over 6.5% of their total online income is now generated from PureClarity recommenders.

Feature: Automated AI Recommenders

Goal: Increase average order value

P.LA.Y. Cross Sell Campaign
P.LA.Y. Cross Sell Campaign

Search Campaign

P.L.A.Y. know that a large number of visitors to their site use the search bar as a first port of call. By having PureClarity in place, P.L.A.Y. can ensure that the recommendations pulled through are relevant to that search term to ensure the online experience is relevant.  The example below shows the recommendations shown when a first time visitor searches for ‘cat’.

Feature: Personalization within Search

Goal: Increase average online order value

Personaliization within search
Personaliization within search

Content A/B Testing Campaign

With PureClarity is it very easy to set up rules to test creative to see which resonates better. These two campaigns below were A/B tested to see which generated the most interest measured by click through rate and ultimately online conversion. P.L.A.Y. set this campaign up so that visitors who had  previously viewed lounge beds were shown one of these two banners next time they viewed a lounge bed.

Feature: Enriched personalized campaigns

Goal: See which campaign generates the the best click through and online conversion

PetPlay A/B Content Campaigns
PetPlay A/B Content Campaigns