Platform: Bespoke

Industry Vertical: Chemical

About Reagents

Reagents has been a leading manufacturer and distributor of specialty chemicals, reagents, and analytical testing solutions for over 50 years. Reagents provides a broad portfolio of world class brands manufactured utilising the highest quality raw materials meeting or exceeding specifications established by the American Chemical Society.

Challenges faced

Reagents’ primary focus is their customers. They pride themselves on their determination to earn business by delivering outstanding customer service – in all aspects of the meaning. Therefore, a decision was made to invest in good ecommerce personalisation, so that they could provide unique shopping experiences to every customer every time they visited. Reagents wanted a solution that was cost-effective, easy-to-use and reliable – all of which they found in PureClarity.

Results in the last 30 days

  • 3% of all orders include PureClarity
  • Reagents has earned their monthly license fee X5

How this has been achieved

AI product recommenders

Reagents wanted to ensure that their digital experience was meeting the expectations of their (predominantly) B2B customers, by showing them relevant content and products in real-time. Our AI-driven product recommendations give our clients the ability to show the right products at the right time to the right people, which not only improves customer satisfaction, but increases average order value, online sales and product awareness.

As Reagents has a large product range we recommended that our AI product recommenders were implemented throughout their site. Below you can see that they are active on their homepage, category listing pages, product pages, and search results to see maximum return of investment


Reagents use of AI product recommenders on the homepage

Category Page

Reagents use of AI product recommenders on a category listing homepage

Product pages

Reagents use AI product recommenders on a product page

Search results

Reagents use of AI product recommenders on the basket page

Comments from Reagents

PureClarity has been a huge help in elevating the quality of our website. Adding recommenders has improved customer engagement and added a modern feel to our site. Analytics in PureClarity are easy to use and organize, as well setting up graphics for our website. Overall, PureClarity, has been an efficient, clean, and cost effective way to take our ecommerce site to the next level.

– Laura Page, Ecommerce Digital Marketing Associate

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