The Results

Shopdesign provides the best and the largest selection of furniture and designer accessories in all of Mexico, backed by numerous brands, 100% original. They  provide proposals for each type of environment that their clients are looking to accommodate or renovate whether residential, hotels, restaurants, exteriors, offices and more.

In addition to having the most iconic brands and designers in the world, we also offer products that can be attached to any budget and remember, always with genuine design and signed by renowned artists.

Shopdesign came onboard with PureClarity in April 2019 with the overall objective of increasing online revenue and providing their customers with a much more relevant and personalized experience.  Since integrating PureClarity into they have used both the automated AI campaigns and enriched marketing campaigns.

The results speak for themselves:

  • ShopDesign are saw a huge increase month on month in 2019
  • In November 2019 Shopdesign saw an increase of 31% in revenue driven by automated recommenders compared to October 2018 which was 14.2% of overall revenue
  • Since May 2019 the sales driven by PureClarity AI recommenders has risen by 125%
  • Online conversion since implementing PureClarity has risen by 50% and average order value has increased by 58%

First Time Visitor Campaign

Promoting a range of offers for first time visitors ranging a welcome to Shopdesign discount offer, the promotion and discount for their outlet shop and new range promotions.  They offers are targeted for visitors that first come to their site and haven’t yet made a purchase, incentivising them to buy and know more about their product ranges.

Feature: Enriched content campaigns using banner carousels

Goal: Incentivizing visitors to buy and know more about ShopDesigns product ranges

Shopdesign homepage
Shopdesign homepage

Best Sellers Campaign

Shopdesign have allocated PureClarity to many zones within their website allowing the AI Recommender Engine to decide which recommender works the best on each page of their site.

Feature: AI Automated Recommenders on homepage

Goal: Promote the most popular items to visitors

Shopdesign homepage recommenders
Shopdesign homepage recommenders

Up-Sell and Cross-Sell Campaigns

One of the advantages of the range of products offered by Shopdesign is that there are plenty of choice as to complimentary products to showcase when a certain product is looked at.  With PureClarity, Shopdesign can allow the AI to pre-select the most relevant products to cross sell into which in turn not only increases the average order value but also increase revenue overall.

Feature: Automated AI Recommenders

Goal: Promote new products relevant to products viewed, searched and purchased to increase average order value

Shopdesign Product Page Recommenders
Shopdesign Product Page Recommenders

Search Campaigns

The search within Shopdesign is the most actively used navigation tool so it was important for Shopdesign to ensure that within this early part of the online buying cycle they were able to promote not only their best sellers within that search category but also introduce new lines available within the search results pages.

Feature: Personalization within Search

Goal: Promote best sellers and new lines within each product category

Shopdesign Personalisation in Search
Shopdesign Personalisation in Search