Ultra PRO

Platform: Shopify

Industry Vertical: Sports & Gaming Equipment

About Ultra PRO

Ultra PRO, established in 1952, is the leading manufacturer and supplier of sports and gaming collectibles accessories, photo and scrapbooking albums and pages. The brand is recognised for its high quality standards, customer service, and design innovations. Ultra PRO markets and sells their products through over 150 distributors and customers globally, which in turn supplies our products to thousands of hobby shops, toy stores and other retailers worldwide.

Challenges faced

The key goal for Ultra PRO was creating a more personalised experience on their site. They have three main sections of their site; sports & memorabilia, trading card storage, and collector’s pages. Based on this they wanted to focus more on personalising journeys based on what their visitors are looking for and the pages that they were interacting with. Whilst working on improving user experience, Ultra PRO are also looking to increase average order value, conversion rates, and online revenue through PureClarity’s ecommerce personalisation software.

Results over the last 30 days

Working together has proven to be extremely successful. In the last 30 days they have seen:

  • 7.3% of all orders involve PureClarity
  • 4.3% of revenue has been generated from PureClarity
  • 58.3% increase in average order value
  • 64.7% increase in average order value involving product recommendations

How has this been achieved

AI Product Recommenders

PureClarity’s AI-driven product recommenders have been placed on all the main pages; the homepage, basket page and product pages, for increasing average order value and conversion rates. Over the last 30 days our recommendations have increased their average order value by 64.7% and have maximised opportunities for upsells and cross sells.


Ultra PRO’s use of AI recommenders on the homepage

Product pages

Ultra PRO’s use of AI product recommenders on the product page

Basket page

Ultra PRO’s use of AI product recommenders on the basket page

What does Ultra PRO have to say?

“PureClarity has enabled us to be able to deliver a seamless and unique experience for each customer every time they visit our store. We have a large product range and customer base so it was important for us to be able to establish what products and content individual visitors wanted to see, so that we could tailor their experience to their individual needs – and in return see better results. The AI software, in-depth analytics, and various other tools within PureClarity makes catering to our customers needs in real-time much easier and more efficient. Since implementing personalisation onto our site we have seen an increase in online revenue and average order value. We are happy with the software and service that PureClarity provides; it is quick at delivering results, easy to use, and affordable”.

– Scott Stevenson, Director of Ecommerce

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