The Results

Bespoke design and new & innovative approaches to giftware makes WIDDOP and Co. the leading supplier to the trade. From photo frames to figurines, clocks to stationery, their range caters for a wide and ever-expanding variety of retailers.

Over 90% of their lines exclusively designed by their design team in line with market trends, ensuring our 8,000 + products are unique, affordable and at the cutting edge of contemporary consumer tastes.

Widdop came to PureClarity with the key objective of offering their trade customers a much more relevant and personalized experience.  Widdop needed to make sure that not only were their trade clients aware of the new lines becoming available but also ensure that the products that were being shown were relevant to that individual customer and their purchasing choices.

Working with PureClarity (June 2019) Widdop have said…

“We are seeing conversion rates increase as time goes by which is also great!” 

The results speak for themselves:

  • Average order value has increased by 5%
  • Monthly revenue has increased by 22%
  • My Recommendations Page filled with AI recommendations is currently seeing a 3% conversion rate higher than all other pages across the site.

Seasonal Product Campaigns

There are key times throughout the year when certain product lines need to be heavily promoted as otherwise they may be missed amongst the vast range of products available.  By including promotional banners across the homepage complimented on the same page by key products included in manual recommenders, Widdop can easily advise their customers that now is the time to buy and sell these lines, maximizing revenue.

Feature : Enriched Campaigns with Manual Recommenders

Goal: Reminder of key events throughout the year that will sell well – increase sales

Key Season Push Campaign

To ensure that there are constant reminders to Widdops customers about the key selling items for that time of year, Widdop have manually overidden the AI to push certain products through the key buying pages of their site.  Here we can see recommenders of products pre-chosen by Widdop appearing on the Product Listing Page.

Feature: AI Override Recommenders for Key Seasonal Pushes – e.g. End of School Year

Goal: Increase sales

Cross Sell Recommender Campaign

One of the advantages of the range of products offered by Widdop is that there are plenty of choice as to complimentary products to showcase when a certain product is looked at.  With PureClarity, Widdop can allow the AI to pre-select the most relevant products to cross sell into which in turn not only increases the average order value but also increase revenue overall.

  • Feature: Advanced AI Recommender Engine
  • Goal: Increase conversion and Increase Average Order Value

Personalized AI Campaign
My Recommendations Page

Widdop developed a page on their website dedicated to providing their clients with product recommendations relevant to them. All this page contains is the recommendations provided by the PureClarity AI. The page has proven to be very successful for Widdop who have seen the conversion rate on this page be three times higher than the average seen across the rest of the website.

  •  Feature: Personalized AI Recommenders
  • Goal:  Increase online conversion rate