The Results

ZyroFisher is the leading distributor of cycling accessories, clothing and bicycles to the UK and Irish cycling markets.

Representing over 50 international brands from across the globe, every product we distribute is thoughtfully designed and extensively tested to maximise the enjoyment of cycling for each of your consumers. Our products are chosen, trusted and tested by Olympic Champions, World Champions and leading athletes across each discipline of our sport. We also design and develop the UK’s best-selling cycling apparel brand – Altura® – in house.

By using PureClarity’s highly intelligent, self-learning Artificial Intelligence Engine, Zyrofisher have seen:

  • 55% increase in overall conversion
  • 10% conversion rate on their onsite AI recommenders
  • 4% increase in repeat visitors

Customer Awareness Campaign

Due to the enormous number of products that Zyrofisher sells, it is important for them to be able to showcase products that visitors had looked for previously and cross match them with alternative products which may be of interest. ZyroFisher came to PureClarity to increase online sales, average order value, and to help encourage repeat and more frequent purchases from their customers. They have done this through the use of AI Recommenders, Manual Recommenders and Personalized Campaigns.

Feature: Personalized Campaigns

Goal: Build awareness of new product lines

Personalized Campaigns Zyrofisher
Personalized Campaigns Zyrofisher

Cross-Sell Recommender Campaign

One of the advantages of the range of products offered by Zyrofisher is that there are plenty of choice as to complimentary products to showcase when a certain product is looked at.  With PureClarity ZyroFisher can allow the AI to preselect the most relevant products to cross sell into which in turn not only increases the average order value but also increase revenue overall.

Feature: AI Recommender Engine

Goal: Increase average order value and revenue

Zyrofisher AI Recommenders
Zyrofisher AI Recommenders