Gain deeper insights into visitor behaviour and performance to maximise your website revenue and customer loyalty

Performance & insights

  • Identify the best performing campaigns and where customers are engaging with PureClarity
  • Real time site analytics
  • Discover insights about different types of customer

Product analysis

  • Discover exactly which are your top viewed and top bought products
  • Find out what products have been bought, the revenue generated, purchase dates and times
  • See exactly what recommendations PureClarity is presenting associated with each product
  • Analyse sales product performance, products viewed and bought together allowing you to create further campaigns containing these product groups

ROI analysis

  • Have full visibility of sales driven by all PureClarity personalisation features including impressions, clicks, increase in AOV, revenue, sales driven by recommenders
  • Understand the revenue being generated by PureClarity by any date criteria to easily determine your overall return on investment

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