Maximise revenue and customer loyalty with personalised recommendations within email

Personalised Recommenders

Personalised Recommenders

  • Include personalised recommendations in each of your email campaigns to show products that will entice customers to buy again with you
  • Have full design flexibility as recommendations used within email are fully customizable to they sit in line with your brand and design

Full integration with your Email Service Provider (ESP)

  • Integrates with all email service providers such as Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor or DotDigital
  • Track click-throughs and conversions in the email campaign results, allowing you to review and optimise for future campaigns

Use personalisation within email as part of your PureClarity campaigns

Including Personalisation within Email is a powerful key ingredient for your personalised campaigns

Combine with personalised content, intelligent product recommendations and personalisation within search to ensure each of your online visitors see products, offers and promotions that are only relevant to them

Set goals for each of your campaigns to track performance and results

Encourage them to buy, spend more and become a loyal customer both within your website and via email

Did someone say increased conversion?

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