Personalized content


Give each visitor a unique online shopping experience by personalising your website content.

Use targeted content to build product awareness, build loyalty and incentivise purchases by showing promotions and offers that are relevant to the individual.

Personalized banners


  • Encourage conversion with personalized banners targeted at the individual based on their past & current buying behavior
  • Maximise conversion by using PureClarity’s advanced audience segmentation feature to ensure the right banner is shown to the right time to the right person
  • Optimize the shopping experience by placing banners in any area of your website from homepage, search results pages through to order confirmation page
Personalized carousels


  • Increase engagement by showcasing a variety of products, brands, promotions and key messages to each customer individually
  • Promote key lines and products that the AI knows your customer will love

Personalized search results


Influence search results and show appropriate banners, e.g. show ‘10% off summer dresses’ banner for a search that contains the keyword ‘dress’

A/B Testing Personalized Campaigns

A/B testing

Maximize conversion by creating A/B tests for your personalized content allowing PureClarity to test the best performing content and ensuring the correct version of the test is presented to the right individual.

Customer Segmentation

Customer segmentation

PureClarity allows you to deliver personalized content by setting up advanced customer segments. The segmentation criteria that can be applied can be based on many criteria including location, weather, source of visitor, device plus on site behavior such as products viewed, added to basket, search terms, previous purchases and money spent.  The list is endless.

Personalize Any Page Any Place

Personalize any place any page

  • PureClarity enables you to place personalized content in any area of your website. 
  • Maximise conversion by making each page of your visitors website journey as relevant and as tailored as possible

PureClarity campaigns

Personalized content is a powerful key ingredient for your personalized campaigns.

Combine with personalized recommenders and personalization within search to ensure each of your online visitors see products, offers and promotions that are only relevant to them. 

Set goals for each of your campaigns to track performance and results.

Encourage them to buy, spend more and become a loyal customer both within your website and via email.

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