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How Personalisation Is Changing the Beauty Industry

Beauty is one of the biggest and fastest growing industries today, forecast to grow up to 21.1% in the next five years alone.

As the retail world shifts to incorporate a strong online presence, especially as video reviews and social media posts take over the beauty world, buying new products for beauty is just one click away.

How can beauty retails appeal to their customers and increase revenue, average order value and conversion rate? We looked to one of our customers, Sienna X, for the answer.

Sienna X is a tanning solution and equipment retailer, with an award-winning retail range, favoured by celebrities and beauty experts. They came to us to increase their order value, conversion rate and really to give every customer on their site an ultra-personalised experience through their shopping journey.

How do they achieve this?

Real-Time Personalisation

Visitors start on their site and see an absolutely gorgeous hero image. If they scroll down, they’ll see a recommendation placed within easy scrollable distance, tailored to them. If they’re new to the site, it will probably be trending products, or best sellers. But let’s see how that changes as we navigate the site.

Let’s search and click on a product. As we view it, Sienna-X have included a recommender on that product page. It’s not a generic one, it’s based on data from customers who have looked at that product before.

Designed to anticipate and exceed shopper needs, this recommender is perfectly placed for us to find a product we didn’t know we were looking for, or to get the perfect complementary product with the one we’re looking at, increasing our average order value.

Let’s add it to our cart and see what happens.

When we get taken to the cart page, there’s a new recommender, showing us the perfect products to be bought together with the one we’ve just added:

The cart page is a key conversion point, perfect for reminding shoppers of more products they might be interested in or inspiring them to make a bigger purchase.

By using real-time personalisation, with customised recommendations which automatically change and adapt as the user moves around the site, Sienna-X shows their visitors relevant products at every step of the shopping journey. This has netted them a big increase in conversion rate and average order value since implementing PureClarity.

Account Recommendations

If we go to our account page, we’re presented with a simple – but very effective – recommender. Here is Sienna X’s secret, with the highest conversion rate and a great way they’re increasing their average order value.

Shoppers visit this page to see their personal recommendations and when the AI is smart enough to deliver ultra-relevant, real-time recommendations, it’s obviously a hit with Sienna X’s audience.

Key Segmentation

Sienna X is a versatile site catering to a range of audience types. They have professional as well as amateur ranges and ensure that both kinds of visitors find the content they’re interested in with a minimum of effort.

By creating different campaigns and segmenting their audience based on past purchases, Sienna X are able to show prospective customers the kind of content and products they’re sure to find relevant. For example, as a professional customer we might see a banner pointing us to The Business Centre, where we could discover resources, or Bespoke Solutions.

As a non-professional browser, who has never purchased professional equipment, we see a different site, with more tutorials, help, and amateur-friendly material.

Social Media Strategy

In this age of digital expansion, Sienna X have fully embraced the social media movement, with a whole section of their site dedicated to popular influencers who use and love them. This bestows much-needed social proof.

When customers can’t try and feel products, they need to trust that they are high quality and a good match for them. The best way to impart this security is by getting well-known, trustworthy people whose reputations are well-known.

Pairing that with ordinary customer reviews placed front and centre on any products gives the site a comfortable, user-friendly feel. It lets you know they care about what their customers think and do their best to make sure they’re delivering the best product for everyone.


At the end of the day beauty is a highly personal industry with different people choosing different products all for their own unique reason. For that reason, it’s imperative that the beauty industry as a whole take on personalisation in a big way, delivering these touches to their customers to improve conversion, augment average order value and raise overall revenue.

Since coming onboard with PureClarity, Sienna X are delighted to have experienced increases in revenue every month, even in the slow months like October and November where they expected monthly revenue to decrease.

SiennaX =- PureClarity Client
SiennaX =- PureClarity Client

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