How PureClarity Works

Choose to leave the system to run itself 24/7 and when needed create personalised marketing campaigns to maximise online conversion and customer spend

The power of AI and big data machine learning

  • PureClarity’s AI collects data about every one of your visitors, tracking their interactions with you onsite and offsite to build up a picture of their behaviour, their dislikes, likes, interests and habits
  • The more data PureClarity collects, the more intuitive it becomes in predicting exactly what your visitors are looking for, what they will love and what they are most likely to buy. The AI will then show these items for maximum conversion

Full flexibility

PureClarity is extremely flexible in how it can be used and is suited to all businesses whether B2C or B2B

  • You can let the AI run all of your personalisation 24/7 without any intervention placing the best product in the right place, to the right person at the right time for optimal conversion
  • PureClarity allows you to create your own personalised content and recommenders and stipulate which customers get to see which campaign, where on your website and when
  • All features are included so you can optimise your website straight away taking advantage of the full feature set included

Marketing campaigns

PureClarity offers a wide variety of personalised marketing campaigns that can be created ranging using personalised content through to intelligent recommenders

  • Marketing campaigns can be placed in any area of any page on your website, within search and in your email campaigns
  • Easy to set up each campaign. You can choose which customer segment it will target, understand the size of that audience, where it will appear on your website and when
  • You can create as many campaigns as you feel are needed
  • Each campaign can have a goal assigned to it so you can effectively track its performance

Why set up campaigns?

The overall objectives of any marketing campaign should to be increase revenue and customer spend, build customer loyalty and raise awareness of your products and brands.

You can start with small wide reaching campaigns and build your campaigns to become more niche as you gain more insight into your customers behaviors and spending patterns.

There are a wide variety of reasons why you should set up campaigns. Examples of which could be:

  • Maximise your AdSpend – ensuring that your visitors coming from your Adwords campaigns convert on your site
  • Incentivise visitors to buy promoting offers via banners and carousel
  • Incentivise customers to give you their email by providing great offers via popups
  • Raise customer satisfaction –  ensure customers can find the products they need quicker and more efficiently by promoting via recommenders on homepage
  • Encouraging loyalty – include relevant product recommendations in your email campaigns

Technical insight

One of the reasons PureClarity’s AI is successful is the fact that Big Data is so easy to process with PureClarity’s suite of intelligent algorithms.  Here is the clever technical part.

  • Hybrid algorithms including collaborative filtering, pattern mining and machine learning algorithms determine which recommender to present based on any dataset
  • Collaborative algorithms work on ‘Conditional Probability’ which ensures that recommenders do not include products which are bought on an extremely regular and frequent basis
  • By combining hybrid and collaborative algorithms and layering on our advanced recommender engine, A/B testing and sparse data analysis, PureClarity’s ecommerce personalisation offers a powerful and truly unique platform which delivers excellent results for all businesses online whether B2B or B2C.

Did someone say increased conversion?

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