24th June 2021 - 5 minutes

How To Boost Your Conversions With Email Marketing

When it comes to driving more conversions, email marketing remains one of the most popular marketing tools for ecommerce brands. This is because email provides a direct line to audiences and gives you the ability to promote new offerings across different customer segmentation lists.

To help you build a successful email marketing strategy and boost conversions, we’ve put together some handy tips and you can see them below:

1. Invest in email marketing tools

Creating an attractive, high-converting email can be a time-consuming process and it’s not something you should cut corners with. That’s why it’s useful to look into email marketing tools that are designed to streamline the creation and sending out of emails.

There are plenty of free platforms to look into, such as Mailchimp, which provides detailed email creation and scheduling. It also comes with a smart recommendation feature that provides you with more insight into your audience and enables you to optimise your emails.

Another free tool to try is HubSpot’s email marketing platform that’s easy to use and can be integrated with other HubSpot tools. The platform is ideal for promoting new campaigns, designing thank you emails and so much more.

2. Lead with a landing page

For all email marketing campaigns, ensure that you have a relevant landing page to link to. This will help to drive people towards a specific offer and increase the chances of them converting.

Remember to include a clear Call To Action (CTA) in the email so readers know exactly what they need to do when they reach the landing page.

Another advantage of landing pages is that they provide the opportunity for adding extra incentives e.g. product discounts. This can also lead to more conversions through adding more value to your emails.

3. Get personal with product recommendations

A good rule of thumb for email campaigns is to offer some level of personalisation and an easy way to do this is by offering personalised product recommendations.

This could involve using data from your customer segmentation lists to identify a type of product that a consumer enjoys buying. Using this data, you can then create a personalised email that links to relevant items and appeals to individual tastes.

4. Write a catchy subject line

You should never overlook the importance of an email subject line. It’s the first thing that a consumer sees in their inbox and makes a difference as to whether they’ll open the email or not.

You can improve the chances of someone opening an email by crafting a memorable subject line that addresses them personally. Use a first name if possible, communicate urgency with action-orientated language and be clear with what is on offer when the person opens the email.

5. Tell a story

One of the simplest ways to boost conversions via email marketing is to tell a story. Storytelling is a phenomenal marketing technique that helps to draw in readers, appeal to their emotions and guide them towards the CTAs that you want them to click on.

An email marketing example of storytelling could be as simple as beginning an email with ‘I want to tell you a story.’ This sets the stage for a narrative that doesn’t have to come across like a sales pitch and more of a way to entertain and educate the reader.

Throughout the email, you could draw from real life examples of people in your industry or share examples of your own experiences. All of this contributes towards great storytelling.

6. Use images to grab attention

Using visuals in your email marketing campaigns can dramatically improve the chances of earning higher conversions and engagement.

For example, using emojis in a subject line can lead to a 56% increase in email open rate. When using videos in an email, you can earn a massive 200 – 300% increase in click-through rate.

The trick is to experiment with different visuals like emojis and videos to see what works and what doesn’t. At the very least, you’ll be able to break up email copy and make an email campaign more graphically appealing.

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