14th December 2018 - 2 Min Read Time

How To Get To The Top Of Your Customer’s Wishlist This Christmas

The holiday season is almost here and the world is filled with wishlists. It’s the time of the year every retailer waits for!  Let’s face it, people just spend more during the festive season, a lot more. The Christmas trees are up and the festive feeling just encourages people to feel generous and to celebrate the season with family and friends alike indulging more in retail therapy than usual.

But it’s not all twinkling fairy lights in the retail world. Competition to provide the best deal is fierce. Today, anyone with a website can sell their products online to the hungry shoppers. Did you know 60% of people are in the middle of and planning to do their Christmas shopping online this year?

But no need to panic, there is still time over the next few days have your site in shipshape condition. Remember that the retail craze extends beyond Christmas into the New Year and January Sales. Here is how you can:

Offer a smooth shopping experience

As we all know, time is money, and no one has any to lose! We all have jobs, families, hobbies and 100 relatives to get presents for this holiday season. By offering people a frictionless experience, you will not only gain their business but also their loyalty. In today’s world, customers expect not only the ability to instantly find what they are looking for but also a smooth checkout, relevant discounts and a seamless experience between digital browsing and in-store purchasing. All of this can be achieved with ecommerce personalisation integration!

Give people what they want

Did you know you can personalise your website specifically for each and every one of your customers? Not only you can offer people an array of recommendations based on online factors like previous purchases, clicks, searches and views, but you can also use offline factors like location, weather and gender to target your visitors, and all in real time.

Having product, category and brand recommendations on your site is no longer an optional strategy, it is a must have! You need be able to provide not only the most relevant recommenders but also the best recommendation strategies that will adapt to each customer and tip the balance towards that purchase.

Give people exactly what they want and make it easy for them to find that perfect gift or bargain.

Make it personal

Product recommendations are necessary but not enough, if you ask me. You want an ecommerce experience that is fully tailored for each customer! Combining recommenders, banners, email marketing and search you will be able to completely change the look and feel of your site.

By showing people relevant offers and products on your website and once they left (using triggered emails, email marketing and omnichannel integration) you will have a fully rounded shopping experience to capture even the most distracted of shoppers!

The takeaway

Due to advancing technology there are always ways you can make improvements to your online shopping experience. If you follow the three simple pieces of advice mentioned above you will not go far wrong. The aim is to provide online shoppers with relevance, real-time interaction with the site, and a spectacular experience encouraging them to build loyalty to your brand online, not just for the holiday season 2019 and New Year 2020 but for the foreseeable future.

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