How to increase online sales

How to increase online sales

Increasing online sales is the primary goal of any ecommerce business. That can be a challenge, though; it takes time to create the optimal buyer persona to identify and segment your customers, so you can give them the right incentives to make a purchase. 

Here at PureClarity, we like exploring what’s trending in ecommerce, and we have a five top tips for you on how to improve your online sales:

1. Know your buyers

Think about your target market. Before you can boost your online sales, conversion rate and eventually build a database of loyal customers, you need to know who you are selling to.

  • Create buyer personas, to make the most of your campaigns.
  • Identify your target market and understand the actions needed to personalise your website to increase your online sales.

Discover insights about your customers and their behaviour you must with real-time site analytics.

2. Personalise your ecommerce site

Understanding your customers is just the first step. Now you need to show them you understand them! 

  • Personalise your website based on your customers’ preferences and past behaviours.
  • Personalise product pages based on your users’ location.
  • Create special campaigns based on your customers’ behaviour.
  • Display recently viewed items and product recommendations.
  • Use market segmentation to identify the most relevant content based on either crowd-based or individual behaviour. 

3. Set up different marketing campaigns

Campaigns are promotional tactics to drive more traffic to your store and increase your sales. 

For example, you can set up dedicated eCommerce campaigns to target different audience segments. There is virtually no limit to the types of campaigns you can crease to personalise your eCommerce website as much as possible and multiply your online sales.

  • Use Special Event Campaigns to create a sense of urgency

We all love indulging in a little online shopping on special occasions, and Special Event campaigns are the perfect way to capitalise on that. You can set up an event campaign at any time, to celebrate any type of occasion – like Easter or Christmas, or a special milestone for your website.

These event campaigns tend to persuade prospects to buy from you to feel part of a larger community of users celebrating an event together.

For example, Comfy Homes used a Black Friday limited time free shipping offer through PureClarity pop-ups.

  • Offer special discounts with Top-Up Campaigns

Sometimes, your customers need just a little incentive to spend a little more. You can now provide them with an opportunity to add more items to their basket by offering special discounts based on their order value. With this campaign, you can target specifically those customers whose basket is below the minimum order required to benefit from this promo.

The top-up campaign will not only boost your online sales but also increase your average order value.

Timed Campaigns
  • Showcase Offers to Feature Your Latest Products and Special Offers.

If you are looking to increase your sales, don’t ignore the potential of pop-ups, enriched banner campaigns and product carousels. All these features have been valued as an effective tool to improve your user experience.

For example, Duffells have used an enriched banner campaign to shout about their deal of the day. This campaign, like pop-ups, is bold and demands attention.

4. Get personal with email marketing

Your customers are forever, and their journey with your products and services shouldn’t end once they’ve confirmed their online basket. The following are some of the best tips to make sure your customers are happy, and they come back soon.

  • Maximise Customers Conversion via Online Chat

Live chat has become the leading contact method for many online customers. It is quicker than writing an email or submitting a contact form, and allow a more personal and immediate approach between the customer and the brand. 

Here you can see that Squires has implemented Live Chat to connect with their customers directly. Sometimes an online store can lack human interaction, Live Chat allows you to offer the kind of direct service you receive in a physical store.

  • Be There to Help

If a potential customer makes an enquiry, sends an email, or attempts to book a free demo or consultation, you should try to respond quickly, while they are still excited and interested in your brand.

Zest_email_Order Confirmation Email Offer with PureClarity
  • Use Email Campaigns to Keep in Touch

Email campaigns provide you with all the elements to keep in touch with your customers, and potentially multiply your online sales. For example, you can send personalised emails to your visitors based on their browsing history and the products that they might like the most.

Creating an email campaign is easy and it can be the key to converting an interested user into a buyer and increase your overall online sales conversion rate.

For instance, Zest have implemented personalisation into their emails to suggest relevant product recommendations and offer a 10% discount code of their next order with them.

5. Use ecommerce personalisation software

To provide your users with the best personalised customer journey, you need the help of an AI-driven ecommerce tool, which can take care of your online sales.

PureClarity is the leading ecommerce platform that has already helped many ecommerce websites multiply their sales and get more leads.

To learn more about how PureClarity can increase your sales book a discovery call.