Which areas of your site to personalise for maximum conversion

It is no real surprise that shoppers prefer to shop on sites that are personalised to their individual needs. People are more inclined to interact with content that is designed based on their own likes, interests, location, and shopping habits – and that is why personalisation is an essential part of every ecommerce store. 

Personalisation is an easy way to accommodate your customers needs and wants, whilst creating a one-to-one dialogue that many online stores lack or struggle to provide. Every store wants to be attentive, easy-to-use, and helpful to their customers – to ensure that the process of browsing to conversion to sale is quicker and smoother – ecommerce personalisation ticks all of those boxes plus more. 

PureClarity, an intelligent ecommerce personalisation solution, allows you to personalise any area of your site. This could be a dynamic banner directed at first time visitors located on the homepage, or a pop up on the product listing page advertising an offer, or an AI-driven product recommender on the basket page encouraging people to ‘finish the look’ – the possibilities are endless and with the right expertise can be very effective. 

The three main areas of your site that we recommend to our own clients to personalise for maximum conversion: 

  • Homepage: Personalisation on the homepage is always going to be a sure win. As soon as your customers enter your site they should be presented with a page that is personalised for them. Set the tone immediately. You have more or less three seconds to wow your customers. If someone enters your site and is presented with products and content that is generic or not quite what they are looking for they are more likely to leave. 
  • Product page: The product page is known to be one of the best places to personalise. You know that your customer is interested in a particular product, and therefore there is an opportunity to up-sell and cross-sell products through personalised custom and AI-driven product recommenders. 
  • Basket page: Right so they are nearly there. Your customer has added items into their basket and are now on the basket page, how can  you ensure that they will convert? Pop-ups that offer incentives such as free shipping are always beneficial. Product recommenders that ‘complete the look’ or ‘others have brought also’ could encourage customers to increase their basket value. This again could be prompted with an incentive such as a rewarded discount after spending over a certain amount. 

See below how personalisation features can be used on areas of your online store to enhance customer experience and maximise overall conversions: 

Dynamic banners

As stated above a welcome back banner is a great way to capture your customers attention. You can segment (create customer groups) for each of the different kinds of customers that enter your site. You could have a banner for first time visitors, another for returning, and another for loyal or subscribed customers. 

For instance, say you have a sale on your socks for a limited period of time. You want to increase attraction to this product listing page. How could you do this? Create a banner that welcomes your customers – returning or new – and direct to the product listing page. 

Example with personalization

EXAMPLE: ‘Hey nice to see you again Domonic, can I interest you in 15% off men’s socks today? Use code SOCKS15’. Not only does this directly speak to your customer, it draws attention to your sale or featured items, and gives them a clear call to action to follow. 

Here you can see that LifeSportif have used a personalised banner to appeal to their customer (Danielle’s) individual interests on their homepage. 

Banners can be as complex or as simple as you wish. They can be fully text-based or image heavy, depending on the style of your website. PureClarity comes with a library of stocked banners for our clients to either choose from or be inspired by. 


Personalised pop-ups are a great way to maximise conversion on your ecommerce site as they demand attention from your customers. The power of a pop-up can be overlooked. The reality is when used correctly 40% of your customers can be converted by the right pop-up. 

Here’s two ways that you could use a pop-up to maximise your online conversions: 

1. Email capture pop-up 

A great way to increase your customer loyalty is by including an email capture pop-up on the homepage. Convert browsers into customers through pop-ups. Segment your customers (create customer groups) based on the kind of people you want this type of pop-up to be presented to. 

For instance, say you have a returning customer who has purchased from you before and is revisiting the site for the second or third time, you could encourage them to convert into a loyal customer. They would receive discounts, exclusive offers, and regular product updates via email. This way you will have a direct way of contacting your loyal customers. 

It is much easier and more cost-effective to retain a customer than it is to find new ones. PureClarity’s personalised emails are perfect for customer nurturing programs. 

2. Email capture pop-up 

Moreover, pop-ups are wonderful at announcing and shouting about your offers. This kind of pop-up would be most effective on a homepage or product page. Say you have a customer that has been browsing through your new summer collection, surprise them with a pop-up offering 15% off products listed under your summer collection. Create a sense of urgency by giving the offer a limited time period. 

In this example, you can see that our client Harry Hall has used a pop-up to promote purchasing multiple products together to receive a discount. They have included a strong and clear call to action leading to this particular product page.

Alternatively, you could welcome your customers with the pop-up. PureClarity allows you to set time triggers to allow you to decide when you want your pop-up to appear. You could have the pop-up on your homepage and set to appear after ten seconds and only once. 

Product recommenders

Product recommenders are the kings of conversions. A huge 35% of Amazon’s annual revenue comes from offering people complementary or more expensive alternatives to their customers through product recommenders.

PureClarity are experts in AI-driven and manual recommenders. Up-selling and cross-selling is one of the best ways to encourage customers to purchase more products. These can be added to your homepage, product pages, and basket page. 

Personalised Product Recommenders

Cutwel are one of the UK’s largest independent engineering tooling distributors. Here you can see an example of a campaign that Cutwel implemented using PureClarity’s AI-driven recommenders. 

Cutwel has a large range of products and wanted to make the buying process easier for their customers. They wanted to reduce browsing time and encourage faster conversions. 

The overall objective, in this instance, was to encourage customers to make bigger purchases through up-selling and cross selling on the homepage. Adding product recommenders to their homepage increased their overall conversion rate and allowed them to promote their large product range in a more digestible format. 

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