23rd October 2020 - 3 Min Read Time

How to Stand Up and Stand Out this Black Friday

The expectations for this year’s Black Friday event are high.  There is a lot of pressure on businesses to perform well throughout this small retail sale window, so it is critical that both your marketing and IT teams are aligned, prepped and on standby.

2020 is the Year of the Online Shopper

Plus, the effects of the global pandemic have driven customers to buy more online. In fact, according to Covid Commerce Insight, online retail in the UK surpassed 150% year-on-year revenue growth during the height of the pandemic in April. This month the figure has settled on 100%. Ecommerce, unlike other areas of the economy, has been thriving. And for ecommerce marketers, that’s a big opportunity not to be missed. Especially with the holiday season coming up.  According to Finder.com ‘UK retail ecommerce sales will account for 27.5% of total retail sales this year, and that proportion will approach one-third by 2024. The post-pandemic hit to physical retail will be felt far into the future. ‘

Picture the Scene

You have spent months building out your marketing campaigns across social media and email to drum up excitement to your upcoming Black Friday Bonanza sale. You have worked endlessly to optimise your PPC and retargeting campaigns to ensure that your key customer targets can find you.  You have committed a large portion of your marketing spend into each of your customer acquisition channels with a promise to deliver your target return on investment. On your website you have installed additional payment options and service delivery T&Cs so in your mind you’re all ready to go.

Black Friday arrives and your visitor traffic starts to build. Couldn’t be better yes?  But wait, your early visitors are quickly bouncing from your site and not purchasing anything.  The few purchase you have received have been a lower average basket value and your conversion rate looks like it’s on a downward trajectory.

The traffic continues to build and bam your website falls over.  Orders start being processed at a slower rate and orders cannot be finalised. 

With hindsight there was more that could have been done in readiness.

Preparation is Key for Black Friday

If there are two key elements to ensure you have a successful Black Friday campaign, then we would recommend that you:

  1. conduct load testing make sure your website is not only robust to stand up to the increase in online traffic, complete end to end user UX testing
  2. ensure that your visitors see products, offers and promotions that are relevant to them alone.

Technology to Maximise Your Performance and Conversion

To ensure that your conversion is always performing at its optimal point PureClarity has partnered with thinkTribe, who are specialists in web performance and testing.  This partnership brings a full synergy to not only ensuring your website is both robust and a good user journey both in terms of flow and usability but also in terms of a personal and relevant customer experience.

In times of peak traffic such as Black Friday for many retailers Think Tribe can quickly resolve performance issues, identify bottle-necks and root causes, and quickly resolve any issues that arise. And being cloud based causes no disruption to your staff or your systems.

PureClarity is an award-winning specialist in ecommerce personalisation and customer engagement which offers merchants an easy-to-manage and affordable solution creating seamless and unique personalised online experiences.  Long gone are the days of having one website that serves all customers. Online shoppers now expect to see offers and promotions and in particular products that are relevant to them alone.   Online merchants who do not segment and target each of their customer groups will be prone to high bounce rates, low conversion, average order, and repeat visitor rates.

The features included within PureClarity are:

  • Real-time personalised product recommendations
  • Personalised popups
  • Personalised content
  • Live chat
  • Powerful personalised emails
  • Personalised recommendations within search

Coupled together PureClarity and thinkTribe provide the perfect robust solution guaranteed to help you have see a successful Black Friday 2020.

For more information on how you can integrate either or both PureClarity and thinkTribe into your ecommerce strategy why not request a demo today.

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